Golden State Warriors are ruining the NBA — so what?

DALLAS, TX - JANUARY 03: (L-R) Stephen Curry
DALLAS, TX - JANUARY 03: (L-R) Stephen Curry /

The Golden State Warriors have been accused by every fanbase in the league of ruining the NBA, when the reality is that they’re jealous their team isn’t.

The Golden State Warriors are ruining the NBA — so what?

That’s the response of Dub Nation when they hear that claim and they’re right not to care. In fact, any fan base wouldn’t care if their team was dominating the league the way the Warriors have these last few years.

The truth of the matter is, those claiming the Warriors are ruining the game simply can’t stand that one team can be so great.

The current state of the league is definitely a monopoly with the Warriors in full control. Which is nothing new to the NBA.

History has shown us that the Association has often been a one team race. Michael Jordan‘s Bulls, the showtime Lakers, Larry Bird‘s Celtics, etc.

Dynasties are not exactly a new thing.

The only difference is all the talent is concentrated in only a few teams as opposed to the vast majority of the NBA.

We all can thank LeBron James for that since he did his best to consolidate as much talent in one place as he could when he left Cleveland and took his talents to South Beach in joining the Miami Heat in 2010.

So, if people are gonna blame the Warriors for ruining the NBA, then their anger is being misplaced. It should be directed at LeBron for creating the “Super Team” era.

At least the Warriors actually have homegrown talent fleshing out their roster, and have achieved greatness with them before any star considered joining them.

Why blame the Golden State Warriors for ruining the NBA?

Well, it’s because fans have a habitat of pointing the finger. There just has to be someone to blame — which, coincidentally, is hardly ever their own team.

If LeBron isn’t a sufficient enough reason to draw the anger of fans, then how about the teams that overpay these average to sub-par players?

The Sacramento Kings and the Chicago Bulls both offered approximately $80 million for Zach Lavine. Or how about when the Portland Trail Blazers gave Evan Turner a four year $70 million deal?

If fans want to blame the Warriors for ruining the league, then they have to bring up these other two factors. Otherwise, their argument is invalid.

Teams overpay for average players and get stuck, which makes them struggle to search for quality players.

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It’s why we see so many trades involving those players who got the big dollar deals every year around the trade deadline. Those teams realize how terrible of a decision it was to sign those average players in the first place, so they trade them for bench players.

Look at the Cleveland Cavaliers. LeBron James is the best player in the league, but a terrible general manager. He left the Cavaliers once again and now the Cavaliers are stuck with the horribly cumbersome contracts of Tristan Thompson and J.R. Smith.

Practically half of the NBA is a farm system, which is what actually ruins the product more than anything. So, when there is a team as elite as the Warriors, they look at those teams to see if they can find bench players.

Why would any player say no to playing the Warriors?

Their championship pedigree is second to none and you never hear anything negative come out of the locker room. Players just want to play with Stephen Curry and company. Money becomes an afterthought at that point, as the desire to chase rings takes precedence.

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The Warriors are ruining the NBA — so what? Dub nation has been a long-suffering fan base. They couldn’t care less if they’re ruining it because for years their team was a train wreck.

Now, their team is the supreme leader of the NBA — and every fan base in the league is just wishing it was theirs.