Kevin Durant Being Recruited To Join Undefeated College Team

CLEVELAND, OH - JUNE 07: Kevin Durant
CLEVELAND, OH - JUNE 07: Kevin Durant /

Kevin Durant has fun with a Twitter user who tried to “recruit” him to his college team.

Kevin Durant’s Twitter battles are becoming the stuff of legend.

You would think that winning your first NBA Finals and being named the unanimous MVP of those Finals might make you impervious to all the oftentimes ridiculous back-and-forth that happens on social media.

Not so with Durant, who’s getting just as good at torching hecklers as he is defenders.

First it was the cupcake hat (which may have been the best reverse trolling in human history).

Then it was suggesting jail time for a teacher who said he wasn’t a good example for her eighth-grade Spanish students (one count of blasphemy).

After that, it was letting someone know the real reason why their dog abandoned them — which had nothing to do with him.

Durant also engaged in some light sparring with ESPN reporter Britt McHenry, who questioned his decision not to visit the Donald Trump’s White House as a member of the reigning NBA champions.

His most memorable interaction, however, came when one YouTube user suggested that LeBron James was better at basketball than he was. KD’s response was a simple “Nah.”

Well, this time it was an alleged college player from New Zealand asking whether Durant was interested in joining his 7-0 basketball squad – an obvious knock at his decision to join the Golden State Warriors who also won their first seven games of the 2016 season and didn’t stop until they won 66 more.

Having played many years on a great Oklahoma City Thunder team that lacked shooters, Kevin fired off a pertinent response:

His opponent came back with a predictable 3-1 joke and a few other jabs about how the Thunder should have beaten the Warriors in the 2016 Western Conference Finals, but Durant’s decision remained unchanged: get better shooters, bro.

With this latest kerfuffle –- a word that’s spiked in popularity over the last three months — Durant is giving Draymond Green a run for his money for the distinction as the team’s best online trash talker.

Green seemed to have that title locked up after some memorable dust-ups this summer, which included chiding Connor McGregor for wearing a Warriors jersey, and mocking  James for shaving his head after losing the NBA Finals.

But Durant has shown that he isn’t afraid to mix it up with anybody – not even someone from as far away as Middle Earth.

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Anyone wondering why one of the best players in the world even responds to trolls on social media should consider one thing: Trash-talking is an art form, and just like ball-handling and shooting, it’s something that must be practiced as often as possible.

It’s reassuring to the Warriors that their best player rarely stops working on his game, even when he’s off the court and checking his phone.

All of this really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise though. After all, the profile picture on Durant’s Twitter handle features one of the best trash-talking catchers of all time.