Comparing Bay Area Sports Stars to WWE Wrestlers

Alll credit goes to the WWE and
Alll credit goes to the WWE and /
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With the rising popularity of wrestling and Wrestlemania upon us, lets make comparisons to these Bay Area stars and their WWE counterparts

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All credit goes to WWE and /

April 3rd, 2016 marks the 32nd anniversary of the show of shows, WWE’s WrestleMania. The grandest stage of them all has provided WWE fans with memories to last a lifetime.

At WrestleMania we have seen Eddie Guerrerro and Chris Benoit overcome the odds and become champions, Stone Cold Steve Austin’s face turn that skyrocketed him to stardom and Hulk Hogan slam the giant.

And while many don’t expect adults to be fans of the wildly scrutinized sport, WWE has made a fan out of not only people over the age of 12, but athletes too.

The WWE Hall of Fame has had a celebrity wing since 2004 and currently have nine members. Of those nine, four, a little over one third of the hall have been athletes.

Pete Rose, William Perry, Bob Uecker and Mike Tyson are the four athletes whose names grace the WWE Hall of Fame.

As for modern day, athletes have accepted the popularity of WWE and have adapted it to their own sports.

In September 2015 Josh Reddick wrote an article for the Players’ Tribune stating his love for the WWE

Marshall college football has custom title belts and gives them to the best players on offense, defense and special teams.

The WWE bug has infected a majority of the American population. Part of that population being sports stars.

So with it being WrestleMania season let’s look at some Bay Area Sports stars and compare them to their WWE counterparts.

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