MLB: Imagining Every MLB Team As A 2016 Presidential Candidate

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Baseball and politics are two of the most hotly debated subjects in America, and both are just beginning. What would each team be like as a presidential candidate?

They’re off and running. You may be wondering just who exactly is running. The answer is two-fold, and far from clear. Spring Training for the MLB just started, and fans from around the country are emerging from their Winter hibernation ready to root on their team once more.

Also, there’s a political election coming soon. In case you’ve been under a rock, it’s 2016. Barack Obama is out of the office shortly, and the Kansas City Royals only have about seven months left to claim that they are the reigning champs.

2016 means a presidential election, possibly some even year magic, and of course, a new doomsday cult predicting the end of the world. A new year also rings in a new season of baseball, and Spring Training has officially begun. Teams have all reported by now, and games start shortly. While many chips have traded hands, and almost traded hands, the powerful teams mostly stayed powerful, and the teams at the bottom of the barrel largely stayed there. We apologize to fans of those few teams.

However, like any good political race, there is always room for a few upstart and unproven candidates to come out of nowhere and disrupt the assumed order. There’s plenty of teams that are optimistic for 2016, and some just hoping to weather the storm. Nothing is guaranteed, in politics or baseball.

Also, you don’t want to know how a bill becomes a law, or how a spitball is really thrown. Don’t ask. Instead, let’s take a look at how the MLB compares to this year’s crop of candidates, keeping in mind that this article is meant to be purely for fun, and does not endorse any specific candidate.

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