MLB Offseason Hot Stove Tracker: Signings, Trades, and More

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Dec 9, 2015; Nashville, TN, USA; Saint Louis Cardinals manager Mike Matheny speaks with the media during the MLB winter meetings at Gaylord Opryland Resort . Mandatory Credit: Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Rule 5 Draft (Picks pertaining to Oakland or San Francisco are in bold)

Major League Phase:

1-1: Philadelphia Phillies: OF Tyler Goeddel, from Tampa Bay
1-2: Cincinnati Reds: OF Jake Cave from the New York Yankees
1-3: Atlanta Braves: LHP Evan Rutckyj, from the New York Yankees
1-4: Colorado Rockies: RHP Luis Perdomo, from St. Louis
1-5: Milwaukee Brewers: 2B Colin Walsh, from Oakland
1-6: Oakland Athletics: OF Jabari Blash, from Seattle
1-7: San Diego Padres: Josh Martin, RHP, Indians
1-8: Baltimore Orioles: Joey Rickard, OF, Rays
1-9: Los Angeles Angels: RHP Deolis Guerra, from Pittsburgh
1-10: Toronto Blue Jays: RHP Joseph Biagini, from San Francisco
1-11: St. Louis Cardinals: RHP Matthew Bowman, from the New York Mets
2-1: Philadelphia Phillies: LHP Daniel Stumpf, from Kansas City
2-2: Cincinnati Reds: LHP Chris O’Grady, from the Los Angeles Angels
2-3: Milwaukee Brewers: RHP Zack Jones, from Minnesota
2-4: San Diego Padres: RHP Blake Smith, from the Chicago White Sox
2-5: Los Angeles Angels: 1B Ji-Man Choi, from Baltimore

Triple-A Phase:

1-1: Cincinnati Reds: RHP Ariel Hernandez, from Arizona
1-2: Atlanta Braves: RHP Enderson Franco, from Miami
1-3: Colorado Rockies: RHP Luis Niebla, from the New York Yankees
1-4: Milwaukee Brewers: LHP Mitchell Lambson, from Atlanta
1-5: Oakland Athletics: OF Danny Oh, from the New York Yankees
1-6: Miami Marlins: RHP Patrick Johnson, from Pittsburgh
1-7: Detroit Tigers: RHP Kurt Spomer, from the Los Angeles Angels
1-8: Chicago White Sox: RHP Manaure Martinez, from Philadelphia
1-9: Seattle Mariners: RHP Isaac Sanchez, from Pittsburgh
1-10: Boston Red Sox: RHP Jhonny Polanco, from St. Louis
1-11: Arizona Diamondbacks: C Eduardo de Oleo, from the New York Yankees
1-13. Baltimore Orioles: RHP Cory Jones, from St. Louis
1-14: Cleveland Indians: LHP Brian Moran, from Seattle
1-15: Washington Nationals: 3B Zack Cox, from Miami
1-16: San Francisco Giants: RHP Wilson Santos, from San Diego
1-17: Los Angeles Angels: RHP Blayne Weller, from Arizona
1-18: Houston Astros: RHP Octavio Acosta, from the New York Mets
1-19: New York Yankees: RHP Yefrey Ramirez, from Arizona
1-20: Texas Rangers: INF/OF Garrett Weber, from Arizona
1-21: Los Angeles Dodgers: RHP Felipe Gonzalez, from Miami
1-22: Chicago Cubs: C David Freitas, from Baltimore
1-23: Pittsburgh Pirates: SS Alfredo Reyes, from the New York Yankees
1-24: St. Louis Cardinals: RHP John Brebbia, from Arizona
2-1: Cincinnati Reds: 2B Pin-Chieh Chen, from the Chicago Cubs
2-2: Milwaukee Brewers: RHP Kender Villegas, from St. Louis
2-3: Oakland Athletics: OF Alex Glenn, from Arizona
2-4: Miami Marlins: C Maxx Tissenbaum, from Tampa Bay
2-5: Detroit Tigers: RHP Santiago Garrido, from Baltimore
2-6: Boston Red Sox: RHP Anyelo Leclerc, from Texas
2-7: Arizona Diamondbacks: SS Robelys Reyes, from St. Louis
2-8: Tampa Bay Rays: RHP Yoel Espinal, from the New York Yankees
2-9: Baltimore Orioles: LHP Chipper Smith, from Miami
2-10: Los Angeles Angels: LHP Ariel Ovando, from the Chicago Cubs
2-11: New York Yankees: RHP Julian Aybar, from the Chicago Cubs
2-12: Los Angeles Dodgers: C Micah Gibbs, from Kansas City
2-13: Chicago Cubs: OF Mike O’Neill, from St. Louis
2-14: St. Louis Cardinals: LHP Michael Heesch, from the Chicago Cubs
3-1: Oakland Athletics: 1B Viosergy Rosa, from Miami
3-2: Arizona Diamondbacks: OF Chad Oberacker, from Oakland
3-3: Tampa Bay Rays: RHP Fernando Baez, St. Louis
3-4: Los Angeles Angels: RHP DJ Johnson, from Miami
3-5: New York Yankees: C Santiago Nessy, from Kansas City
3-6: Los Angeles Dodgers: RHP Logan Bawcom, from Seattle
3-7: Chicago Cubs: OF Jesus Loya, from Boston
4-1: Arizona Diamondbacks: OF Devin Harris, from San Francisco
4-2: Los Angeles Dodgers: OF Julio Morban, from Seattle
5-1: Los Angeles Dodgers: LHP Alexander Burgos, from Miami

Double-A Phase:

1-1: Miami Marlins: RHP Juan Caballero, from St. Louis

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