Oakland Raiders: 30 Iconic Moments In Franchise History

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Sep 27, 2014; Hattiesburg, MS, USA; Hall of Fame and Southern Miss former punter Ray Guy waves to fans as he was honored at halftime of the Rice Owls game at M.M. Roberts Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

5. August 2, 2014 – Ray Guy Inducted Into the Pro Football Hall of Fame — Finally

While it’s always special for a team when one of their players is elected to the Hall of Fame, there was something a little extra special about Ray Guy – after years and years of waiting – finally getting the nod from the Seniors Committee. Though truth be told, he should have simply been elected, straight up.

In addition to being the only punter ever selected in the first round of the draft – twenty-third overall, thank you very much – Guy was a six-time All-Pro and is considered by anybody with half a functioning brain to be the greatest punter in the history of the game. Former coach John Madden often said that Guy was more than just a punter – he was a weapon.

Guy changed the way the NFL viewed punters. His incredible hang time, knack for dropping balls inside the twenty, and the booming leg that in 1981, delivered five punts over 60 yards revolutionized the position and made teams view their punters as weaponry that could be deployed to do some damage to the other team.

Given all of his accolades and accomplishments, it was ludicrous that Guy had to wait as long as he did – and not get a straight up vote for the Hall of Fame. But at least the oversight was finally corrected and Guy finally got his Hall of Fame jacket – a well earned and well deserved reward for such a remarkable career.

Now, we can only hope that Stabler gets his.

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