Oakland Raiders: 10 Best Quarterbacks In Franchise History

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Jan 27, 1991; Tampa, FL, USA; FILE PHOTO; New York Giants quarterback Jeff Hostetler (15) looks to throw the ball while center Bart Oates (65) and guard Eric Moore (60) block Buffalo Bills linebacker Shane Conlan (58) and nose tackle Jeff Wright (91) during Super Bowl XXV at Tampa Stadium. The Giants defeated the Bills 19-20. Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports

5. Jeff Hostetler

Despite having some great moments in the Big Apple – including a Super Bowl XXV win over the Buffalo Bills – the NY Giants let Hostetler walk following the 1992 season. He signed with the Raiders and was the team’s starter when the 1993 season began.

Hostetler spent four years with the Raiders – two in Los Angeles, two in Oakland – and had some great moments. Perhaps his best moment in his tenure with the Raiders was a thorough demolishing of the hated Broncos in1993 – a 42-24 win in a wild-card playoff game. In that game, Hostetler 13 of 19 for 294 yards and three touchdowns.

It was a moment that endeared him to the Raider Nation for life.

Hostetler had a fine 1994 season. He threw for 3,334 yards on 58 percent passing and tossed 20 touchdowns. He also earned the only Pro Bowl bid of his career.

For his tenure in Oakland, Hostetler threw for more than eleven thousand yards (11,122) and 69 touchdowns. He, unfortunately, never replicated the playoff success he’d had with the Giants.

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