Oakland Raiders: The Belly Of The Beast – Q&A With Titan Sized


The Oakland Raiders are in Music City, looking to shake off a three game losing streak and get themselves back into the playoff race. Ahead of Sunday’s critical game for Oakland, we sat down with Les Bailey of Titan Sized for a little Q&A session.

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So come, find out what the folks down in Tennessee are thinking and saying ahead of the game – about the state of their franchise as well as its future, and what they are thinking and saying about their upcoming opponent, the Oakland Raiders.

Sit back, relax and take this little trip into the belly of the beast with us.

1. What have been the most pleasant surprises and biggest disappointments of the Titans’ season?

"The two biggest surprises for me this year are how good Marcus Mariota has been and how quickly this defense has become a factor. I’m not sure if it was acquiring Dick LeBeau, Brian Orakpo, Da’Norris Searcy or Perrish Cox that sparked this defense. What ever it was, it has affected the entire unit.The biggest disappointment has to be the bungling of Marcus Mariota’s first year as a pro by both Ken Whisenhunt and now, Mike Mularkey. Whisenhunt has never worked well with rookie quarterbacks, and I’m not sure why the Titans thought he could this time."

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2. Does Marcus Mariota have what it takes to be a franchise quarterback? Why or why not?

"Marcus Mariota has all the tools needed to be a franchise quarterback in the NFL, all he needs now is a coach that knows how to use him, and some tools to work with on offense."

3. Does Mike Mularkey have a shot to have the interim tag dropped and be Tennessee’s next head coach? Do you think he should?

"I like Mike Mularkey but personally don’t think he is head coaching material in the NFL. The ownership situation that surrounds the Titans is a mess, and whether the Adams Family sell out or there is new management in place in 2016, I think there will be new people running the show. I think the firings start with GM Ruston Webster and goes down the list. I hope whoever comes to power can keep Dick LeBeau."

4. Who would you like to see as Tennessee’s next head coach? Or if you don’t have a specific name, what qualities do you need to see?

"The Titans will never be able to attract a top-notch NFL coach until the ownership problems are solved. There are hopes that Peyton Manning will get involved with the Titans after he retires from playing or the Adams Family will sell to a football knowledgable local ownership group.I would like to see someone who can oversee the development of Marcus Mariota into the franchise quarterback that he can be."

5. What will be Tennessee’s biggest challenges when they play the Raiders this Sunday?

"The Titans struggle almost every week to make first downs and score touchdowns. Although we will have Kendall Wright back on the field this week, I don’t think much changes. Mike Mularkey has continued to tinker with the offensive line and there are hopes that the new look will help the running game."

6. What are Oakland’s biggest weaknesses that the Titans will be able to take advantage of?

"If the Tennessee Titans are to have any success on Sunday and win their first home game in over the year, it will come on the ground. The Raiders are ranked 21st in run defense and if they can get Antonio Andrews going early, they have a chance."

7. What are the biggest matchups to watch in the Raiders/Titans game?

"The Titans have played well enough in the defensive box to mask injuries and problems with the secondary. With that being said, I think David Carr and Amari Cooper can hit enough plays downfield to have success. Hey, Johnny Manziel to Travis Benjamin was deadly in week two."

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8. Predict the final score of the game.

"The Titans have proved to be the savior for teams needing to get well. I don’t think that will change this week.Raiders 24 Titans 14"

Our special thanks to Les Bailey at Titan Sized for sitting down and having a little chat with us. And if you’re a fan of all things Music City, go check out Titan Sized!