Stephen Curry Is Cooking Up A Storm This Season


Stephen Curry is sorry that his team is so good.

He is also sorry that his coaching staff is excellent. He’s sorry that his team is a jump shooting team. He’s sorry that they are just as good on defense as they are on offense. He’s sorry that they can only beat who is front of them. He’s sorry that he won the MVP. He’s sorry that he looks like a high schooler but will turn your ankles to jello and swish a triple before your backside hits the floor.

Stephen Curry is not messing around this season.

Friday night’s 112-92 thumping of the Houston Rockets is a clear message from Curry and crew that an extra dose of motivation is being put to full use thus far this season. There was no disputing last season’s MVP award winner on this night, as Curry produced 25 points on just 15 shots in 27 minutes of action.

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Through two games, Curry and the Warriors have already laid waste to two playoff opponents from their title run — and won in rather convincing fashion. Curry blitzed the New Orleans Pelicans on opening night with 24 first quarter points and finished with the third best opening night point total (40) for a reigning MVP.

After leading the way to the Golden State Warriors‘ first championship in 40 years, the fear was that Curry and his teammates would be complacent to start the season. Accepting their rings on opening night against the Pelicans — a formidable opponent in last year’s first round matchup — a trap game loss wasn’t outside the realm of possibility.

Last year in game two of the Western Conferences Semifinals against the Memphis Grizzlies, Curry accepted the MVP trophy in a pregame ceremony in front of an emotional Warriors fan base. The result was a deflating loss that evened the series. Curry shot just seven for 19, and was a paltry two for 11 from deep.

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Curry performing so well on the night their championship banner was unveiled, is a huge confidence builder this early on. Though just two games into their title defending season, so far the focus is razor sharp from the Warriors’ superstar. For all the negativity surrounding the Warriors coming into this season, as a team who was “lucky” to win it all last year, there was potential for all those distractions to knock him off his game.

Although Curry would never make a point of it, he validated his MVP credentials with a dominating performance over the self-proclaimed MVP, James Harden. Harden has been seemingly going on and on about what should have been his and how he is the best all around player in the league. But his words never seem to live up to the hype when it matters most. Just put the Curry versus Harden matchup to the side, and you’ll see that the Warriors have won nine out of the last ten games with the Rockets.

Oct 27, 2015; Oakland, CA, USA; The Golden State Warriors celebrate receiving their 2014-2015 NBA Championship rings before the game against the New Orleans Pelicans at Oracle Arena. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

And how about newly acquired Rockets point guard, Ty Lawson? The couch potato NBA analyst watched enough Warriors’ playoff action to deduce that Curry was fortunate against the Rockets last year to be “chillin’ on defense” and could solely concentrate on the offensive side of the ball.

On this night, Lawson was personally fortunate that Curry was not on the floor longer, as he lost Lawson on several occasions. Curry even stole a Harden pass to Lawson and took Lawson coast to coast on the break for a layup.

It is crazy to believe that the talk surrounding Curry leading up to the season was that he basically would not be able to match what he accomplished last season. At this point, the rest of the league would be happy if Curry would just play like last season, as he seems to have more of a chip on his shoulder now.

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Curry playing with an even greater purpose and drive is bad news for teams ready to take their best shot at the current MVP and champs.

The season is still young so there should be no overreaction, but Warriors’ fans have to feel confident that with Curry seemingly upping his game, the repeat title chances are still solid. And if Curry is able to lead the Warriors back to another title, this time there will be no apologies.