Jim Tomsula Should Not Be A Head Coach In The NFL


Jim Tomsula and the San Francisco 49ers continued their familiarly agonizing story of being dominated by the opposition on Thursday night. The 49ers’ 20-3 loss to the Seattle Seahawks and their 2-5 overall record proves that Tomsula doesn’t have what it takes to be a head coach in the NFL.

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Simply put, Tomsula doesn’t seem to prepare the 49ers in a way that enables victories. That’s the main job of a head coach, and he can’t seem to do that. Sure, the 49ers pulled out a win against a terrible Ravens team. However, San Francisco’s game plans have been as weak as the turf at Levi’s Stadium.

In all five of the team’s losses, they appeared to have no answers when they face adversity or beneficial strategies to get themselves ahead. They can’t even find a way to win on a day when Colin Kaepernick doesn’t throw any interceptions.

Of course people are going to blame Kaepernick and the defense for Thursday’s loss, but the problems definitely originate at the top of this organization. The San Francisco 49ers have an ineffective owner with an incompetent head coach. In order to see that Jim Tomsula is a main issue, one must look at the context of the most recent loss against Seattle.

The 49ers are far from being a perfect team, but they have some great talent. A team with Kaepernick, Torrey Smith, Anquan Boldin, NaVorro Bowman, and Vernon Davis should not lose in the embarrassing ways they continue to lose in. It’s honestly a shame that San Francisco is doing this poorly because they have some players who deserve great success.

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  • On the other hand, Marshawn Lynch absolutely lived up to his Beast Mode name. He carried the messy Seattle Seahawks on his back to a strong victory over the 49ers. Whereas Lynch won the game for Seattle, the inability of the coaches to run a productive offense lost the game for the 49ers.

    A look at big picture fundamentals in Thursday night’s game should provide some clear insight about the mess in San Francisco. Something that was no surprise was that Seattle’s time of possession was 38:05 while San Francisco’s was 21:55.

    In addition, the Seahawks achieved 21 first downs throughout the game while the 49ers registered a mere eight first downs. This seems to be hard proof that the coaches of the 49ers don’t know what the heck they are doing on offense.

    Kaepernick doesn’t deserve the blame because he clearly didn’t lose them the game. The coaches simply did not make a strong game plan for the offense. It’s a miracle that the 49ers’ defense only allowed 20 points considering how long they were on the field with all of the drives that ended in punts.

    Honestly, the 49ers should fire Jim Tomsula immediately. How do you lose a game in which your defense gets two interceptions and five sacks against Russell Wilson? It’s inconceivable.

    Isn’t game planning part of the head coach’s job? It’s hard to imagine an ex-defensive line coach who has an effective approach on offenses Take a look at the Patriots, Packers, and the Steelers — all of those teams clearly devise brilliant, yet simple plans that enable their offenses to be successful.

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    For whatever reason, Jim Tomsula can’t build an offensive identify for San Francisco. What the heck happened to their run first approach against the Minnesota Vikings? San Francisco only had 15 rushing attempts compared to Seattle’s 41 attempts. Both teams had the same number of pass attempts, so Seattle clearly had the better strategy. Or at least, the more effective one.

    In all reality, Russel Wilson would be considered as “bad” as Kaepernick if he didn’t have Marshawn Lynch to carry the offensive load. Lynch has been the key to the success in Seattle. He’s the main reason that Wilson got a chance to thrive, and Lynch is why Seattle’s defense stayed off the field, allowing them to stay fresh in a dominating Super Bowl victory over the Broncos.

    With a closer look, it’s clear that a strong running game has been the essence of the Seattle Seahawks. Therefore, why don’t the 49ers assert their rushing attack? The team never seems to call runs or passes at the right times. It’s almost as if the 49ers call the opposite play that should be run on any given down.

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    The solution to turning things around in San Francisco is very simple. They need to run the ball more — and the team clearly has talented backs in Carlos Hyde and Jarryd Hayne. Why on Earth do the 49ers not use them properly? The blueprint for success was right there in front of the 49ers. They are fools for not following the Seahawks’ lead.

    Jim Tomsula has the weapons that would allow him and the 49ers to be successful, yet he chooses to ignore them. Therefore, he should be fired.