San Francisco 49ers Should Write Off Season For Jared Goff


The San Francisco 49ers, at 1-3 through the first quarter of the season, are in bad shape. Three years ago, the phrase “Suck for Luck” was popular for fans of bottom dwellers in the NFL. It may be time for the 49ers to coin the phrase, “Write Off for Goff.”

California Golden Bears quarterback Jared Goff, currently a junior, has been looking stronger and stronger each week, and so far has been on top of of the lists of most draft experts. He has led his team to an undefeated record thus far at 5-0 and is looking more and more like a candidate to make the jump to the NFL early.

San Francisco 49ers
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San Francisco 49ers

For the 49ers, if there was any optimism left from the opening week win against the Minnesota Vikings, it is more assuredly gone by now.

That win is nothing but a distant memory, and San Francisco is in a state of total disarray. When the collapse of the 49ers is not being talked about, head coach Jim Tomsula is trying to deflect attention away from his team by letting out his pent up flatulence during press conferences.

With three consecutive losses and a quarter of the season in the books, there has been very little in San Francisco’s performances that fans can feel optimistic about for the present and future. One time world fire starter, Colin Kaepernick, has turned into a predictably uneven performer — and has even been booed off his home field. Some fans are calling for *gasp* Blaine Gabbert to replace Kaepernick. Blaine Gabbert!!!

Having a franchise quarterback is paramount in the NFL, and Goff presents a unique opportunity to San Francisco as a form of redemption for their 2005 draft day debacle.

It was a decade ago when San Francisco had the number one overall pick. The team sorely needed a franchise altering quarterback indicative of their dynasty run of the 80’s to mid 90’s. Going into that draft, the 49ers had the option of local favorite Aaron Rodgers — also from Cal — and Utah QB, Alex Smith. San Francisco selected Smith and here they are, still trying to recapture that magic that has eluded them for so long — minus the Jim Harbaugh era.

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Like Rodgers, Goff is a California boy with a supremely quick release. Both quarterbacks also showed a lot of poise and athleticism despite not being “running” quarterbacks. But the most important trait that Goff has improved each year is his ability to read defenses and get rid of the ball as quickly as possible. With all the weapons Goff has at his disposal, he has distributed the ball fairly evenly, evidence that he understands his progressions inside and out on all plays.

On the other side of the coin, Kaepernick has struggled when it comes to reading defenses. When his first option hasn’t been open, Kaepernick has not shown enough consistency in throwing to his second and third options.

That indecisiveness has cost the San Francisco field position and has caused almost insurmountable third downs. Often times, as coverage prevents Kaepernick from throwing to his top options, he fails to find the wrinkles in the pocket and takes big sacks. Too many of the 49ers’ drives have stalled because of this.

Goff already broke the career passing touchdown record for Cal set by Kyle Boller, another former first round quarterback — who took four years to compile his total. The level of accuracy and placement Goff has shown thus far this season in his throws has been exciting to watch, as they have come from all different angles of the field.

That quality has been lacking in Kaepernick for the past two seasons. He has five interceptions on the year so far, and four have been to the right sideline. Two of those were almost identical pick sixes to the Cardinals last week.

Cal has a nationally televised matchup on the road against the number five ranked Utah Utes this Saturday, and that game will be a huge barometer for Goff when it comes to his draft stock. A Bears win coupled with a huge Goff performance could potentially cement him as a top five pick in the draft.

If that’s the case, San Francisco needs to target around three wins this season.

The 49ers have some serious questions about their future if they continue to struggle. Fair or not, Kaepernick’s regression is the biggest factor in San Francisco’s failures the past couple of seasons and it may be time to move on. At some point, a player has been given ample enough time to show what their ceiling is, and Kaepernick has been afforded numerous opportunities to affirm that he is the 49ers’ quarterback of now and the future.

Should Kaepernick continue to to be a liability, it may be in San Francisco’s best interest to punt the season and “Write Off for Goff.”

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