Ricky Watters: For His Family, For the Fans, For Football

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Ricky Watters: The Fan Favorite

Ricky Watters Interviewed by Golden Gate Sports reporter, Angelo Mendoza (PC: Jay Dela Cruz, CSN Bay Area)

When prodding him further about his legacy, Watters would talk a lot about why he joined CSN as an analyst, saying that it’s his love for the game that pushed him to becoming a broadcaster.

"“I want people to know that I loved playing. I think they know that, and that I always gave them my all whenever I stepped on the field,” said Watters. “That’s why I’m doing CSN now, that’s why I’m doing this because you know what? I feel like I’m still getting close to the game without being in harm’s way. I don’t have to worry about getting hit in my knees anymore, my ankles. I play with my kids sometimes and they hit me the wrong way on my thumb or my knee or something and I’m like ‘AHHH’ and they ask ‘Dad are you okay’ and I’m like ‘Ahh it’s okay. Just gotta let the pain go away. It will subside. Don’t worry about it.'”"

Watters let out a long, loud laugh as I could see him recalling those days playing with his kids, those times he got to interact with his old teammates. I didn’t even need to ask another question as he went on to talk for roughly five minutes straight about his life after football. You could see the gears shifting as he continued to reminisce.

"“I love it man. We miss the camaraderie — I know I do, everybody I talk to, that’s what they miss the most is the camaraderie and playing together, all for one common goal,” Watters said. “You got all these guys from different places — totally different personalities, even might not like each other — but you have to play for each other and you have to learn to like each other because it works better that way. It’s kind of like a small microcosm of the whole world, to me, and I think that’s why they get guys like us to come [talk about the game].”"

Jay Dela Cruz would interject into the interview, asking to describe the transition from being a star player on a team to being behind the scenes as an analyst. Though he’s only been with CSN for a little under two months now, Watters seemed to confirm how comfortable he was being one of their 49ers analysts.

"“First of all, it’s fun working with guys who really get it like Dave Feldman. There’s somebody who’s been doing it for years. Working with guys like that, they make it so easy for you,” said Watters. “[He’s] like a coach. And we kind of miss that. And also having guys like DB (Dennis Brown): here’s a guy I played with, now once again we’re back in the locker room, we’re laughing, we’re talking smack and everything – that’s that camaraderie that I miss.”"

Watters chuckled, looking up at roof in reflection as he continued on.

"“And then also, I miss the fans,” he said with a smile. “The fans are a big part of it. We all miss the fans when it’s over.” “When you’re at home and you’re changing diapers, no one is cheering. When you’re taking out the garbage, no one is cheering. You’re snipping the lawn, doing other things you’re supposed to do around the house, no one is cheering. You’re like ‘Man I miss the fans. I need somebody to cheer me on, to give me some energy right now.'” “I love the fact that I get to turn to that camera and talk, knowing that I’m talking to my fans and that they’re hopefully hanging on to every word that I’m saying.”"

Watters would recall along with Dela Cruz how fans would sometimes chant his name when they see him at Levi’s Stadium trying to do pregame and postgame shows, laughing at how difficult it is trying to work when there’s hundreds and thousands of people cheering your name.

It’s a unique relationship that celebrities and other significant figures form with their fans, but as many of us saw last Sunday in the 49ers’ game against Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers, the fans can easily turn against you. Watters was no exception to having fault with his fans, with the situation in question being one of the most infamous stains on his career.

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