Oakland Raiders vs. Cleveland Browns: Game Day Open Thread


The Oakland Raiders are in Cleveland battling the Browns today, looking to end several long standing strings of futility. Well, that and to try and scratch out another win to move to 2-1 on the season.

Surprisingly, not a lot of people are giving the Raiders much of a chance to win the game – not even after last weeks gritty performance and offensive explosion against the Ravens. And not even with all of the dysfunction within the Browns organization.

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Which would make winning this game so much sweeter.

But the elephant in the room for the Raiders of course, are the multiple King Kong-sized monkeys standing and jumping on the backs of the Raiders. Monkeys that the Raiders are hoping to put down like Old Yeller today.

What are some of those long standing strings of futility the Raiders are trying to banish?

The most well known of course, is the curse of the Eastern Time Zone. Oakland has not won in the Eastern Time Zone since 2009 – not since Bruce Gradkowski led the Raiders to a win against the Steelers at Heinz Field. Six years – a span of sixteen games. That’s a lot of losing in one time zone. But, such has been the case with the Raiders since 2003.

And speaking of Cleveland, it has been three decades since the Raiders have won on the Factory of Sadness’ home turf. 30 years, people! Of course, they’ve only played three games in Cleveland over that span of time, but still. It’s been a while since the Raiders have gone into the Mistake by the Lake and come away with a win.

It’s been a while since the Raiders have won a road game. They didn’t win a single road game last season. In fact, they haven’t won away from the O.Co since November 2013 when they beat Houston. That’s a span of 12 straight road games the Raiders have dropped. Needless to say, the Raiders have not been very good away from the Black Hole.

Over the last three seasons, the Raiders have won back to back games just once. The last time they accomplished the feat was three years ago, in fact. They won back to back against the Jaguars and the Chiefs in October of that year, and haven’t been able to put together two in a row since then

Those are all trends the Raiders are looking to reverse by winning in Cleveland today. And with 30 minutes of football in the books, the Raiders are half way to accomplishing that feat, taking a 17-3 lead into halftime.

This is your soapbox to talk all things, Raiders. Jump on up and give us your views, thoughts, and opinions on the game so far. What has you impressed? Worried? Scratching your head? Sound off and let us know.

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