Golden State Warriors Seek to Remain on Top


The opening regular season games for the Golden State Warriors are about a month away, but new predictions have already been around since the end of the NBA Finals. Apparently just about everybody thinks the Cleveland Cavaliers will win it all this year. LeBron James and co. have history and time working against them. However, Stephen Curry and the Warriors are just getting a dynasty started.

Earlier today, ESPN published the first Power Ranking of the new season. It was a pleasant surprise to see that they placed Golden State in the number one spot. The Bay’s team better not be considered a perpetual underdog ever again. The only thing sweeter than beating LeBron James in the Finals would be doing it two years in a row. If any team can achieve that, it’s the Golden State Warriors.

Would you agree that the Cavaliers are glad they’re in the Eastern Conference? The West is clearly the conference with greater competition, and the Warriors will prove once again that none of their competitors hold a candle to them. However, some NBA fans might not realize that Golden State’s title run wasn’t a fluke. It was the actualization of the first championship towards a dynasty. We saw the Bulls and Lakers do it, but it’s now the Warriors’ time to become a legendary franchise.

The thing about this Warriors team is that everybody is on the same page. Steve Kerr and every single player mesh together perfectly. That’s an extremely difficult thing to achieve in the age of competitive free agent markets. Stephen Curry basically guaranteed that he will never plan on leaving the Warriors. The great respect the players and management have for each other means the great core group of players will stick together for years to come.

As we saw in the offseason, a bunch of other teams either lost or failed to grab top players. Teams like the Mavericks, Clippers, Trail Blazers, and Spurs were in a whirlwind of deals. However, the Warriors kept their cool as they worked on a solid deal for the team’s heart, Draymond Green.

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Yes, the Warriors built a great foundation of perfect players, but the San Antonio Spurs might have the best shot at knocking off Golden State. To bolster the great group of players that the Spurs have, they got LaMarcus Aldridge in the offseason. The Spurs will be the Warriors’ biggest test towards making it to the Finals again.

Another Western Conference contender is the New Orleans Pelicans. Alvin Gentry at head coach might be the piece that will take Anthony Davis and the Pelicans to the next level. Be on the lookout for Davis being an MVP contender as well.

The Cavaliers might get to the Finals again next year, but that doesn’t mean much coming from the East. The NBA is a Western League right now and the Warriors certainly don’t plan on leaving the throne.

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