San Francisco Giants: Injuries By the Numbers

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May 29, 2015; San Francisco, CA, USA; (L-R) San Francisco Giants outfielders Nori Aoki (23) Angel Pagan (16) and Hunter Pence (8) celebrate their 4-2 win over the Atlanta Braves at AT&T Park. Mandatory Credit: Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports.

The Giants have had their full-strength lineup just eight times this season. It’s almost difficult to remember what that lineup even looks like, because it’s been so long since it’s been put together, so here’s a quick reminder.

The first time these eight men found themselves on the field together was when the Giants first posted that tweet, on May 22nd, nearly two months into the baseball season. And not surprisingly, those guys put up 11 runs that day. Over the next two weeks, that group was stitched together six more times before they were broken apart again.

Various factors kept those guys apart until July 27th, when they got together for a short reunion tour that lasted all of one game before they disbanded for good. This lineup will not be put together again this season, as Joe Panik’s place on the 60-day disabled list prevents him from returning, even if everyone is miraculously healed.

All told, the Giants went 5-3 in those eight games, and scored over five runs per contest. The .625 winning percentage that lineup put out would put them in the NL West lead, with the second-best record in baseball.

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