Derek Carr Finally Had His Breakout Performance


The Oakland Raiders earned their first September win yesterday since 2013, and Derek Carr is absolutely the man to thank. Carr finally lived up to the Brett Favre comparisons as he brilliantly led the Raiders down the field to score on a game-winning touchdown pass. Oakland’s defense even helped out this week with a late interception to clinch the contest.

This 37-33 victory over the Baltimore Ravens was the breakout performance that Derek Carr needed. After the ugly week one loss to the Bengals, many people worried whether or not Carr and the Raiders were all talk without results. Thankfully, the entire Raiders’ offense proved that they refuse to be the same team as last season.

Despite the tough visitor in the Ravens, Raiders Nation looked ready to go as they cheered on the Silver and Black. We all know that the Ravens are a physical team. Recent history has shown us that Baltimore typically wins when they are the favorites. However, Baltimore hasn’t played like the intimidating team that everybody expected to see in the first two weeks of the season.

Early in the game, the television announcers discussed an interesting feature of the Ravens’ defense. Sunday’s matchup with the Raiders was the first time since the ’90’s that neither Ed Reed, Ray Lewis, nor Terrell Suggs was on the field.

Actually, it wasn’t that interesting of a stat. Isn’t it annoying when commentators try to fill time during games just by spewing meaningless stats? Obviously, Reed and Lewis haven’t been on the team for a while, but the absence of Suggs seems to really be hurting the Ravens.

John Harbaugh’s defense looked weak and brittle as the Raiders cruised to an early touchdown pass from Carr to Amari Cooper. The 68-yard score marked a significant moment between Carr and Cooper because it was their first touchdown connection. It couldn’t have happened during a more perfect game. Carr’s performance is the catalyst that will make every member of the Raiders believe in their ability to win games.

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In that sense, Derek Carr finally proved to us why he’s greatly similar to Brett Favre. The Raiders were down by three points, but Carr looked cool and steady as he dissected the Ravens’ laughable defense. Raiders Nation was finally awarded with a great moment when Carr delivered his clutch touchdown pass to Seth Roberts with only 26 seconds remaining.

The game-winning drive wasn’t the only thing Carr did in this game to prove he’s the Raiders’ leader. He didn’t let the injury that made him exit last week’s game effect his performance against the Ravens. A franchise quarterback must make himself available to the team. A developing offense like the Raiders’ definitely needs all the reps with Carr that they can get. Carr clearly knows the importance of growing with players such as Amari Cooper, so Carr confidently accepted Sunday’s challenge against Baltimore.

Carr had an elite performance, and Cooper’s promising offseason of work payed off with his 109-yard receiving day. Will Carr and Cooper be able to turn this win into an entire season of consistent productivity? We will find out when the Raiders hit the road for the Cleveland Browns in week three.

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