Steve Nash Adds Wisdom to the Warriors


The Golden State Warriors might be the best shooting team in NBA’s history. Their small-ball strategy of quick offense and swarming defense earned them a Finals championship victory. So what more could Steve Kerr and the organization want besides their sharp shooting MVP Stephen Curry? The Warriors are finalizing a deal to bring on Steve Nash as a consultant, so this team will become even more of a shooting machine.

More specifically, Nash would be a part-time developing consultant for the team. One might think about Stephen Curry in regards to this new deal. Why would one of the best shooters ever and the current MVP need a guy like Steve Nash to train him? Well Curry obviously doesn’t need Nash. We all know and have witnessed the greatness of Stephen Curry. He’s on his way to becoming a legendary point guard. However, it seems that Nash will be sharing his wisdom to benefit the rest of the Golden State Warriors.

Curry’s shooting is insane, right? He broke his own record for most threes made in a season, and Curry also set the record for most threes made in the playoffs during the Finals run. Basically, Stephen Curry is almost a perfect player. Curry also has another stellar shooting teammate in Klay Thomson. Together, the splash brother are the most dangerous duo in the NBA. A championship trophy proves how great the Warriors’ system has been, but you don’t develop a dynasty by being complacent.

That’s why Steve Kerr and the management brought in Steve Nash. The organization wants every single player on the Warriors to develop into a highly effective shooter to win more rings. Yes, Curry is a meal ticket to great seasons, but they can still become a better team. That’s a pretty crazy thought. The Golden State Warriors could become better than they already have been.

Let’s face it, Klay Thompson wasn’t that great during the NBA Finals. He’s a shooting wizard, but he is definitely prone to the occasional dry spell. A lot of the time when Curry is resting on the bench, Kerr leaves Thompson on the floor. The Warriors find themselves playing from behind when Curry is out and Klay isn’t hitting shots. Hopefully, Steve Nash will help Klay develop into a more consistent shooter.

Aside from Klay, Draymond Green obviously needs to work on his shooting as well. Green is the heart of the Warriors, and his defense and play in the paint are incredible. However, he’s the sloppiest player on the Warriors’ team.

During the rally in Oakland to celebrate the Finals victory, Green playfully commented on the coach’s criticism on his sometimes sloppy Finals play. Green’s viable defense to any critic will be his Finals ring, but he needs to correct some things if he wants to repeat as a champion. The Warriors clearly trust Green or else they wouldn’t have given him a huge contract extension. However, I’m sure they’d love for him to genuinely listen to what Steve Nash has to say. If Green develops his shooting, he will be putting up about 20 points every game.

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The Warriors have also expressed that they wish to keep Harrison Barnes and Festus Ezeli long-term. These two players were brilliant draft selections, and they are both getting better every season. Their contributions went a long way towards the NBA Finals victory. With Steve Nash, the shooting of Barnes and Ezeli can become much more effective as well. Barnes nails clutch threes pretty often, and Ezeli’s athleticism is criminally underrated.

Steve Nash will help everybody on this Warriors team develop into more effective shooters from top to bottom. He’s among the smartest and best players in recent history, so Golden State made another great move by adding him as a consultant.

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