San Francisco Giants: Pitchers Who Rake

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Honorable mention: Jake Peavy

Sep 5, 2015; Denver, CO, USA; San Francisco Giants starting pitcher Jake Peavy (22) hits an RBI double during the sixth inning against the Colorado Rockies at Coors Field. Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Peavy hasn’t hit a home run this year. In fact, he hasn’t done so since 2006. But his performance at the plate on September 5th in Colorado, just two days after Vogelsong’s big boy blast, earns him an honorable mention among Pitchers Who Rake.

Peavy is blind as a bat. Seriously. His vision is so bad that Buster Posey has to paint basically his entire hand just so Peavy can see the signs from sixty feet and six inches away. So it’s a wonder that on that Saturday night, Peavy saw the ball well enough to collect two doubles and an RBI.

Back in his heyday (probably before he needed a seeing eye dog to lead him to the mound), Peavy was actually a pretty good hitter. As his eyesight deteriorated, so did his batting average. But in his second at-bat on September 5th, Peavy smoked a double into the left-center field gap, collecting his first extra-base hit since 2013.

In his next at-bat, he lined a double to left field one pitch after being brushed back off the plate, driving in a run in the process. It was his first RBI since 2012, and that game became Peavy’s first since 2007 with multiple extra-base hits. Moral of that story: don’t make Peavy (more) angry.

He’s not the pitcher, or the hitter, that he used to be, but Peavy sure is a ton of fun to watch. His non-stop self-deprecation on the mound, in which he yells relentlessly at himself any time he makes a mistake, is an incredibly endearing quality, showing just how much he cares for the game he plays.

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