Will Amari Cooper Win Offensive Rookie of the Year?


The regular season begins for the Oakland Raiders on Sunday, and Amari Cooper is the man to watch. Cooper was an obvious choice for Oakland with the fourth overall 2015 draft pick. When a team has a rising quarterback such as Derek Carr, the offense needs all of the supporting weapons it can get.

With the Raiders’ acquisition of Amari Cooper, the Jack Del Rio era in Oakland started in a positive way. Del Rio certainly earned this new job at the right time because there aren’t many teams with as much young potential as the Oakland Raiders.

Two years ago, nobody would have believed that the Oakland Raiders would soon start a season with promise rather than doubt. I’m not saying that the Raiders will win 10 games and make the playoffs this season, but that isn’t the only indicator of success. In all reality, anything more than three wins would be a success compared to last season. However, the Raiders should strive for about eight wins if they want to feel good about their potential for better seasons in the near future.

Amari Cooper could definitely be the key player that will push Derek Carr and the Raiders to success. A winning attitude, great talent, and a hard work ethic are the things that the Raiders have been missing for a long time. Cooper brings all of those features from Alabama, and his influence will turn the Raiders into a winning team sooner rather than later.

In regards to Amari Cooper, Raiders.com quoted Derek Carr:

"“Amari has basically done everything we hoped he would do at this point,” said Carr earlier in the preseason. “He’s been a consummate pro. He’s been very businesslike. He’s been a quick study. He’s very serious about his job and what he does every day. He’s played well in the first couple of games out in the preseason. We’re excited to continue that progress, continue that growth.”"

When a quarterback and a receiver mesh well together and respect each other, great things will happen. The Carr/Cooper duo could turn into the next legendary Bay Area QB/WR combo.

If you’ve watched Amari Cooper during his college days or in his preseason games, then you’d instantly know the type of player he will become. Everything about Cooper points towards greatness, and his professional humility is great for a NFL that’s filled with too many showboaters.

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The Raiders.com article from above also said that seven of 13 in an NFL panel predicted Amari Cooper to win the Offensive Rookie of the Year Award. Compared to the rest of the top 2015 draft picks, Cooper definitely seems to be the most NFL ready player. He has a maturity, professionalism, and skill set that is far greater than what we see from Marcus Mariota, Jameis Winston, or any other first round draft pick.

However, Amari Cooper won’t be on his way to a great career until the regular season begins against the Cincinnati Bengals. Too many rookie players crumble under the pressure of great expectations, but Cooper is the type of player who won’t let anything stop his productivity with the Raiders. In a short period of time, Cooper could help this team get to the level of the Rich Gannon era. If the Raiders stay in Oakland, we might get another Super Bowl in the East Bay soon enough.

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