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Even the most loyal and devoted San Francisco Giants fan can’t possibly keep up with all of the news and information floating around out there these days. After all, there’s work, family, social engagements, and a host of other things that keep us from tracking it all – no matter how badly we want to! Well, good news. We here at Golden Gate Sports are here to help.

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If you had obligations that have kept you from monitoring your team as closely as you would like – after all, checking your smart phone at a friend’s wedding or at dinner with your significant other might be frowned upon – we are rounding up the latest and greatest from our most recent headlines.

The passionate and talented staff at Golden Gate Sports has been busy compiling the stats and information you seek, and combined with hot takes and solid opinions have crafted some compelling articles for your reading pleasure. We’re here to help you stay current with your team.

So if you haven’t had the opportunity to read, or maybe want to give things a second look, let’s take a look at what’s been buzzing, trending and has people talking lately from the San Francisco Giants’ dugout…
First up, GGS editor Sean Bialaszek offers his opinion on the Giants and a momentum shift within the NL West as the baseball season comes down the stretch.

"“In sports, momentum can be a team’s best friend. Take last year’s World Series for example. Both participants, the San Francisco Giants and the Kansas City Royals, kicked off their postseason run with a wildcard, win-or-go-home game victory. For both, that was the beginning of a huge tidal wave of momentum, as they eventually collided in the World Series.”"

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  • Staff writer Phillip Benson Discusses whether or not the Giants can break their odd curse.

    "“We are in the year 2015, and most if not all of Giants’ fans and the Major League audience know, this is not how the Giants are destined. With three championships in five years, the boys in Orange and Black have not managed to make the playoffs in consecutive years — which is fascinating for a team who is suffering from World Series hangovers or some other supernatural explanation.”"

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    Staff writer Johanna Bear gives her thoughts on the Giants and their schedule during the dog days of summer.

    "“The phrase “the dog days of August” is taking on new meaning when applied to the San Francisco Giants’ schedule for the next four weeks. Within that span, the Giants will be playing three teams that are currently in first place in their divisions (the Astros, Cardinals, and Dodgers) and a grand total of five teams that are currently in a playoff spot (the Astros, Cardinals, Dodgers, Pirates, and Cubs). The only team that they’ll be facing this month that isn’t in a playoff position? The Washington Nationals. Oh boy.”"

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    GGS Editor Sean Bialaszek discusses why the Giants recent acquisition – Marlon Byrd – doesn’t need to save the team.

    "“The pressure had been put on for the San Francisco Giants to make a deal. Madison Bumgarner pinch-hitting two games in a row forced their hand, showing how weak their bench really is. On Thursday, the Giants completed a deal to bring in a veteran outfielder, Marlon Byrd.”"

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    Staff writer Phillip Benson talks about the postseason trials currently facing the Giants.

    "“If 2014 wasn’t entertaining enough for Major League Baseball, 2015 is in for a treat these next couple months. Deemed with one of the hardest August schedules that we have seen in quite some time, the San Francisco Giants face their biggest obstacles in the last five years. You’d think that was coming the Giants’ way.”"

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    And finally…

    Staff writer Phillip Benson gives us his opinion about why Giants’ outfielder Gregor Blanco has earned his spot.

    "“Gregor Blanco has certainly changed some things in the Bay Area. We never would have thought the day would arrive, when center field and Angel Pagan were being discussed in a negative way. Center field had not been flashy, or all that solid really, since the greatest center fielder in history — Willie Mays — wore the orange and black.”"

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