Stephen Curry Spoke Boldly During Jimmy Kimmel


On Tuesday, Stephen Curry was a guest for Jimmy Kimmel’s show on ABC. Curry once again proved why he is the new face of the NBA. He handles everything with a confident yet humble grace.

It was actually a pretty interesting combination of guests for the episode. Before Curry took the stage for his interview, Kimmel sat down with the notorious Johnny Knoxville to talk about Evel Knievel. Talk about icons of different cultures. Knoxville and Knievel are famous for their dangerous physical stunts, and Curry is quickly asserting himself as the best NBA shooter of all time.

From the start of Curry’s interview, you could tell that his positive attitude is simply infectious. Both him and Jimmy Kimmel were beaming the entire time. There was a good number of highlights from their short talk as well.

Early in the interview, Kimmel asked Stephen Curry about his recent round of golf with Barack Obama. Ray Allen and Stephen’s father also took part in the game, so that’s some legendary company right there. It was hilarious when Curry shared that Obama is quite the trash talker. Curry said the President tried to get him off his game before putts. Perhaps Obama’s strategy worked because Steph admitted he lost due to a triple bogey.

Aside from that, Kimmel asked Curry how life has been since winning the NBA Finals and league MVP. As fans of the Golden State Warriors have come to expect, Curry seemed extremely joyful yet humble. He always makes sure to not focus too much on the “I” or “me” components of basketball. Curry is quick to say “we” meaning the whole team did a fantastic job to win the championship.

To me, Stephen Curry is the perfect face of the NBA. His MVP Award says he’s the best player in the league, and he always has such a positive and uplifting attitude. There is a huge reason the entire Warriors’ team has been so great. Stephen Curry is the ideal teammate, and me makes each and every person on his team better.

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There are too many players in the NBA who make the game about themselves. Players such at Chris Paul are famous for huffing and puffing angrily around the court during losses. It was funny to watch the Warriors play the Clippers this season because Golden State would play with a steady aggressiveness while LA looked dejected and thoroughly upset.

However, Stephen Curry displayed a good bit of boldness near the end of his appearance on the show. Jimmy Kimmel asked Curry if he plans on winning more NBA Finals and league MVP Awards, and Steph confidently said yes. Perhaps the best part of Curry is that he knows he’s great but he doesn’t act like a cocky celebrity. He seems truly grateful for everything he has earned, and he never forgets to mention his teammates.

Then, Kimmel said to Curry that the Cleveland Cavaliers are the favorites to win the 2016 NBA Finals. To that, Stephen Curry said, “they still gotta play us.” It isn’t crazy to think that there could be a Warriors/Cavaliers rematch in the Finals, and Curry is certainly up for the challenge.

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