The Golden State Warriors Aren’t Done Winning Championships


About two months ago, the Golden State Warriors finished a historic season with an NBA Finals Championship victory. Nobody could hang with them during both the regular season and the playoffs. There is a reason the Warriors won 67 games in the regular season last year.

The Warriors are simply the best. Yet, somehow they are still underdogs?

CSN Bay Area reported that the Golden State Warriors have the third best odds of winning the 2016 NBA Finals according to Las Vegas odds. Are the odds makers in Vegas the ones playing on the court? Nope. Do the Warriors have the best head coach and the all-around best team in the NBA? Yup.

Aside from David Lee, who departed after experiencing a decreased role on the team, Golden State retained their roster. Draymond Green signed a huge contract, and the team even kept their fantastic role players, Leandro Barbosa and Shaun Livingston.

Plus, Festus Ezeli, Klay Thompson, and Harrison Barnes have been developing into great, productive stars for this team. Klay, especially, lights up the scoreboard when he’s on fire. It’s crazy to think that the Warriors have someone as great as Thompson to provide support to their stellar shooter and MVP, Stephen Curry.

Don’t you ever forget about Andre Iquodala. The Cleveland Cavaliers obviously forgot about him and look what happened there. After not starting one game in the regular season, Iquodala dominated the Cavaliers as he led the small-ball strategy to perfection.

Unlike most teams, the Warriors also have two players in consideration for roster spots in the 2016 Olympics. Both Draymond Green and Stephen Curry attended a mini camp for it in Las Vegas. CSN Bay Area obtained a quote by Curry in Las Vegas saying:

"“We obviously are the champs, and you’ve got to think that we’re gonna be a better team next year with our experiences that we’ve had, and we’re not the favorites. Obviously there’s been a lot of noise, teams retooling and trying to boost their lineups. You have teams that haven’t set foot on the floor yet and are heavily favored to kick us off our throne.”"

Curry’s words hold a sincere truth. The Warriors thoroughly defeated the Pelicans, the Grizzlies, the Rockets, and the Cavaliers on their quest to NBA’s throne. Now odds makers think others have a better chance partly because of new personnel moves? That’s utterly ridiculous.

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I’d much rather be in Steve Kerr‘s situation than any other coach in the league. Kerr kept his stars, secured Green, and the team has a great cast of developing talents. The Golden State Warriors have turned into a machine of perfection and efficiency. All of the coaches and players mesh together, and everybody is on the same page towards winnings more championships.

Without a doubt, the Golden State Warriors will be a relentless dynasty. With Stephen Curry and co., the Warriors will win multiple NBA Finals Championships in the near future.

There are only two teams in the NBA that might have a shot to dethrone the Warriors next season. Those teams are the New Orleans Pelicans and the San Antonio Spurs. The Pelicans’ new head coach, Alvin Gentry, helped lead the Warriors to a title, and the Spurs may have reached the finals this year if they faced the Warriors in the playoffs. Furthermore, Anthony Davis of the Pelicans is developing into one of the best players in the league.

However, the Golden State Warriors aren’t done improving either. The rest of the NBA can make all of the flashy roster moves they want, but the Warriors will be the undisputed best team for many years.

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