What is Kelby Tomlinson’s Long-Term Role with the Giants?


There are only a few things in the San Francisco Giants‘ way right now. The first, of course, is the Los Angeles Dodgers.

No matter how many hot streaks the Giants encounter, the Dodgers always stack on wins of their own. In addition to that, the rest of the National League Wild Card field has been playing exceptionally well. The Pirates, Cubs, Nationals, and Mets are all jousting for those sweet playoffs spots.

However, it doesn’t seem like the Giants want to take a year off after winning the 2014 World Series. Bruce Bochy has done an excellent job with this year’s lineups considering numerous injuries and depth issues. He really should be considered as a manager of the year contender.

It also helps that Hunter Pence is back and swinging a productive bat. Plus, two veterans, Brandon Crawford and Buster Posey, are both having All-Star seasons.

Things weren’t going as well for the Giants earlier this year though. The huge question mark of Casey McGehee at third base was a source of anxiety for the ball club. Thankfully, his awful play was replaced with the young, upcoming star named Matt Duffy.

Matt Duffy has certainly earned his spot at the premier starting third basement of the San Francisco Giants. He will certainly be a key players for years to come.

To make things even better, the Giants’ other young infielder, Joe Panik, is simply fantastic. The Giants have really been getting lucky with such great young talent. Unfortunately, Panik is currently on the 15-day disabled list with a back injury.

In an unexpected turn of events, his short-term replacement at second base, Kelby Tomlinson, has been incredible in his first major league games. During Wednesday’s victory against the Atlanta Braves, Tomlinson had two hits with three runs batted in. That’s great stuff for a team that has struggled with their infield depth all season.

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With Panik’s pending return, what will Tomlinson’s long-term role be with the Giants? San Francisco obviously won’t bench Panik in order to feature Kelby Tomlinson. Panik has been consistently great since his MLB debut last season. Yet, Tomlinson asserted in the past few games that he deserves a spot in the majors as well.

In terms of the Giants’ playoff push for this season, Tomlinson’s role down the stretch will likely be depth support. The playoffs in baseball are obviously a time when every single player on the roster can make great contributions. The Giants showed that last season with the numerous lower profile players that helped them win the title.

Therefore, once Panik returns, we could see Kelby Tomlinson being featured as a backup infielder and a pinch hitter. Tomlinson’s bat has definitely been a strong force, so the Giants will greatly appreciate his talents through October.

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