San Francisco 49ers: Positive Vibes For Training Camp


Recently, the San Francisco 49ers moved their home-field to the much warmer Santa Clara, but fans seem to think the gray clouds of SF will linger. The team’s inaugural season at Levi’s Stadium faced a disappointing 8-8 record. However, the woes of last year are behind the Niners, and they’re ready to bring positive vibes to the Bay Area once again.

The rocky, poorly productive coaching staff is revamped, and new star players are on board. Plus, Colin Kaepernick improved his mechanics this offseason, and his new offensive coordinator will help the offense surge to greater effectiveness.

The stress from the numerous departures of Jim Harbaugh, Patrick Willis, Frank Gore, and other are behind us. With the start of the 49ers’ 2015 training camp, it’s time for the fans to have fun supporting the red and gold.

After all, football is only a game.

It’s time for people to stop bickering about Kaepernick’s ability, Navorro Bowman’s improving health, and so forth.

The San Francisco 49ers are one of the most iconic teams in the NFL, and the fans truly have a great organization to support. Their new head coach, Jim Tomsula, is definitely excited about the 49ers. In a recent interview with, Tomsula said:

"“I’m ready to get to football. I’m excited about the guys. The game of football is all about the people. So it’s about getting the people here.”"

Based on the above article, Tomsula seems like he genuinely loves being a strong part of this team. He’s filled to the brim with positivity about the players and the newly retooled coaching staff.

Of the coaching staff, Tomsula also said:

"“This whole staff is a group of guys that I believe people will get really excited about. It’s a really good group of men. Smart men. Good men. I don’t even like to call it a coaching staff. It’s a coaching team, the way they work together. There’s a lot of experience in there, so that’s exciting.”"

As a Niners fan, all I can feel about comments like those is pure joy. It’s rare to find a head coach who talks that fondly of the rest of the staff. Based on everything out there about Jim Tomsula, he’s a guy that’s here to give the players and coaches the most positive, fun, and productive experience possible.

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While most of sports media spends the offseason speculating about position battles and other personnel changes, I feel something needs to be said on the overall vibes of the teams. It’s a simple fact that football teams find greater success when the whole organization, including all coaches and players, mesh well together. A team that has fun together is a team that wins together.

On Friday, the San Francisco 49ers went to the their Twitter account to help spread the positive energy flowing throughout the organization. Most of the special tweets are short quotes from players, and they will have any Niners fan beaming with excitement for this team.

Players such as Colin Kaepernick, Torrey Smith, Eric Reid, and Anquan Boldin are featured as some of the voices that will inspire the 49ers to success in 2015. Below is a sample of some of the tweets.

With quotes such as those, it should be impossible for a 49ers fan to not be pumped about the 2015 season. If you had any doubts about this team, just let it go and enjoy the game and the players. The NFL has been a crap-storm of negative media, and the San Francisco 49ers will bring fun back to the league again.

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