San Francisco Giants: Six Possible Trade Ideas

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OF Ben Revere (Philadelphia Phillies)

Jul 6, 2015; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Philadelphia Phillies right fielder Ben Revere is unable to catch a fly ball triple by Los Angeles Dodgers second baseman Howie Kendrick (not pictured) in the first inning at Dodger Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Nothing is more frustrating than to see talent stuck on a bad team. That is what has happened to Ben Revere. The Philadelphia Phillies have entered baseball limbo, as they are stuck with bad contracts and a poor minor league system. The only way to restart would be to trade Revere and others.

While Revere is not a flashy name, he provides terrific speed, giving Dee Gordon a run for the nickname, “Flash”.

Where Revere becomes valuable is his defense and speed. A home run is an eye-popper as he only has three in his career so far. Aoki has been splendid at lead-off for the Giants, so it would be a struggle to decide who would be a better lead-off hitter.

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San Francisco Giants

Revere does not have the on-base percentage Aoki brings, but would be a great addition for his Gold Glove caliber defense in a vast AT&T Park outfield. And he would make a lot of Giants pitchers happy. Also, Revere has accrued 21 stolen bases this season already, and flirted with 50 last season. The Giants have lacked an elite base-stealer for quite some time and Revere could end that dry spell.

The Phillies do not value Revere like they should, and he deserves better away from Philadelphia. At the bottom half of the order and occasional lead off opportunities on Aoki’s day off, Revere would be a great consideration to help the defending champs.

A $4 million rental, Revere may just possibly be worth it.

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