Oakland Athletics’ Second Half of the Season Might be a Mess


With the end of the All-Star break, the Oakland Athletics welcome the second half of the season with a home series against the Minnesota Twins. Unfortunately, the first half didn’t go as well as fans may have hoped. Maybe the Josh Donaldson trade cursed the Athletics. It sure seems that way considering he is the best third basemen in the American League this year. Was watching Donaldson in the All-Star Game representing the Toronto Blue Jays painful to anyone else? It stung badly.

On the bright side, it was great to see Sonny Gray and Stephen Vogt at the ASG. Who would have ever guessed that we would have seen Vogt catch for multiple innings in the All-Star Game? Vogt rocked his gold-trimmed catching gear much better than Andrew McCutchen‘s gross lime green sleeve. With the American League’s victory, the A’s will have home field advantage when they reach this year’s World Series. Of course hopes for that might be a tad far fetched.

Despite their woes this year, many teams have their eyes on the Oakland Athletics. The trade deadline is nearing, and Billy Beane better make some good decisions. It’s safe to say that no A’s fan wants the mess that happened last season after the ASG break.

Remember when Oakland traded for an array of starting pitchers that aren’t even on the team this year? Beane claimed that he knew the team’s offense would falter late in the season, but his strategy of getting those pitchers only to use for a few months was such a mess.

If you’ve been following the various trade rumors, you know very well that Tyler Clippard, Ben Zobrist, and Scott Kazmir face potential deals. All three of them are pretty expensive players. Considering the age of some of them, it’s in the A’s best interest to trade all three players in order to bring in younger, less expensive talent. There is no point blowing more money on expensive guys like Zobrist and Kazmir when you have a losing record. It seems that Oakland is basically as the same spot they were a few years ago. Once again, their focus should be on developing young talent in order to increase their chances of future success.

It really does not seem like Clippard, Zobrist, and Kazmir are going to give the A’s much of a postseason chance this season anyway. Beane might as well cut them loose. Also, all of the articles about Zobrist being a highly demanded utility player are getting annoying. If anybody has severely under produced this season, it’s Zobrist. Honestly, Oakland should also get rid of Billy Butler. He’s another expensive players that has been a bum this season.

The A’s have raised their fans’ hopes greatly in the past few seasons. Three years of postseason baseball in a row will do that for you. However, it’s hard to not feel bitter about some aspects of the team. Recent key staples of the team such as Josh Reddick, Sonny Gray, and Stephen Vogt have been great. There has also been a surprise rookie newcomer in Billy Burns, and he could really grow into an elite player.

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The point is that the A’s fan favorites aren’t being given a chance at more postseason experience because of poor moves by Beane last offseason. Would you rather have Josh Donaldson than three new underachievers? That answer is a simple one.

Aside from all of this, there is another large reason that Beane should get rid of Zobrist, Clippard, and Kazmir. The Oakland Athletics absolutely need to retain Sonny Gray. Right now, his price isn’t very high. However, that could change quickly. Once he’s up for free agency, numerous teams will be ready to reward Gray with a huge salary. Therefore, the Athletics must clear up expensive guys in order to have money to keep Sonny Gray on their side.

A lot of American League teams, such as the Kansas City Royals, are in great need of an ace in the rotation. If Oakland loses Gray to a team like the Royals, that would be a travesty.

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