Oakland Athletics: Praise for Stephen Vogt


“I believe in Stephen Vogt! I believe in Stephen Vogt!”

During any given Oakland Athletics home game, fans can hear that chant ring throughout the Coliseum. The “Green Collar” faithful believes in Stephen Vogt, and now the rest of the MLB does as well. Oakland’s catcher, Vogt, and the team’s ace pitcher, Sonny Gray, were both chosen for this year’s All-Star Game. It is the first appearance for both players, and it’s one they will always remember.

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Vogt may be an under-the-radar player in terms of popularity among baseball fans around the league, but his stats speak for themselves. According to the New York Times, Vogt lead all American league catchers in batting average, on-base percentage, and slugging percentage as of Tuesday. He also is among the league leaders in RBIs.

Vogt definitely would not have expected a trip to the All-Star Game a few years ago. That same NYT article said there was a time in 2012 when Vogt had zero hits in 25 at-bats while playing for the Tampa Bay Rays. In regards to those days, the article quoted Vogt saying:

"“You’re sitting there in the wintertime thinking, ‘I’m probably never getting another chance.’ Yeah, I’m going to keep working for it and fighting for it, but in all reality, being at my age and being that I didn’t even get a hit — I didn’t help the team at all, even though I had some good at-bats — maybe I just squandered my only opportunity that I’ll ever get.”"

However, time proved that Vogt could be a successful major league hitter and catcher. In his first couple years on the Athletics, Vogt wasn’t the premier catcher because the team used a multi-player rotation at the position. Things changed for Vogt this season when he started at catcher on opening day, and he has been the main guy for the spot ever since.

Despite this season’s lack of consistency for the team, Vogt’s first All-Star season will always be one of my most cherished memories as a fan of the Oakland Athletics. If anyone deserved these great honors, it’s Stephen Vogt. The catcher is the epitome of Oakland’s “Green Collar Baseball” motto because he worked harder than anyone else for what he earned.

The New York Times also quoted Bob Melvin’s thoughts on Vogt:

"“He’s always prepared, he’s never scared of any situation, and he’s been through a lot to get here. It’s the overall production, at the plate and behind it, that most impresses me. He just seems to get better for a guy that’s not 23 years old.”"

That’s high praise for a guy who was almost doomed to be a major league bust. Vogt is the main reason Athletics fans may have hope for the postseason this year. He is exactly what Oakland needs in a player and teammate. It doesn’t matter how famous or expensive a guy is; all that matters in the MLB is how much effort a player asserts in order to deserve a roster spot.

Every single player in the league should use Stephen Vogt as an example for a true All-Star. He’s dedicated, productive, humble, and extremely well liked by fans and players.

The essential Stephen Vogt experience lies in Athletics’ home game. It’s exhilarating to see and hear die-hard fans lead the “I believe in Stephen Vogt” chants from the right field seats. Any fan in attendance can tell Vogt greatly appreciates the love through his demeanor in the batter’s box. It’s safe to say that he will always value the fans who voted Vogt.

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