Sacramento Kings: Bargain Free Agents Team Should Target

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With free agency officially upon us, the Sacramento Kings have already been linked to some big name free agents. Rajon Rondo, formerly of the Mavericks, and others have been linked to the Kings early on in the free agent process. Adding Rondo or any player of his caliber would provide Sacramento with a playmaker in his respective position. The only downside would be the cap hit, as Rondo or any max level player would leave the Kings with a large cap hit.

The Kings had about $8.5 million in cap room until their salary-clearing trade with the 76ers. Due to that trade, signing Rondo wouldn’t necessarily eliminate signing another “big-name” free agent, but signing two big name free agents would deplete the teams funds. The team should look for less costly players who can contribute at NBA level.

While the team doesn’t need to scrape the bottom of the barrel, they could be looking at “bargain” free agents. These kind of players still have NBA level talent, but they come much cheaper than that of a NBA star.

Looking at the NBA Finals, one player stands out in terms of “bargain”, and that would be the Cleveland Cavaliers Matthew Dellavedova. The Cavs’ guard was only being paid about $1.5 million. His offseason outbreak will likely cause a huge bump in that number, but nonetheless getting production out of a player making less than $2 million is a must for the Kings.

Unless the team decides to trade DeMarcus Cousins, then they will be strapped for cash. Holding onto Cousins gives the team a centerpiece from which to build around. And building around Cousins is what they should do, adding one of Rondo or a different big-name player and then multiple bargain type free agents.

These players will provide the Kings with talent that could help the team win at a reasonable price. The team desperately needs to start winning, and while it may not be the flashy play, adding a few cheaper talents may bolster the Kings’ rotation and help the team in  the long run.

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