San Francisco 49ers: Will They Strike it Rich In The NFL Draft?


Let’s be honest, the offseason hasn’t been pleasant one for the San Francisco 49ers. In the past months, the team has lost a total of eight players due to free agency, retirement and legal issues. And top of it, there is still no word about whether Justin Smith will return or not.

The NFL Draft is around the corner, and 49ers fans can’t help but wonder about how San Francisco is going to perform in their first draft of the post-Harbaugh era?

There is no question the 49ers have a lot of empty positions to fill in before the season starts. But what are the most important areas that 49ers need to focus on? Which prospects would be the most suitable choices to fill those areas of need?

San Francisco 49ers
San Francisco 49ers /

San Francisco 49ers

Here are the top three spots the 49ers need to cover and players whom could possibly fill in those roles.

1. Defensive lineman After the surprising retirements of both Patrick Willis and Chris Borland, it left a huge hole in the 49ers defense. With NaVorro Bowman coming back to the team, they still need to fill in the void that has been left behind.

There have been a few players mentioned that would fit perfectly into San Francisco’s defensive scheme. One of those players would be Arik Armstead. According to Paul Gutierrez of ESPN, he believes in Oregon defensive lineman Armstead because, “… his athleticism might make some see him as more project than prospect…”

Sounds like Armstead could be a booster for the defense with his speed and agility.

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  • Armstead is not the only that could possible be fit for the 49ers defense. Florida State Mario Edwards is another worthy candidate for the 49ers to take when their number is called.

    According to SB Nation, Edwards has the sort of versatility that the 49ers love. Edwards is, “… a sound run defender, a must-have trait for the 49ers scheme that relies heavily on the defensive line to fill running lanes.”

    2. Cornerback- the 49ers lost Perrish Cox and Chris Culliver to the free agency market. Now, it’s time for the team fill in the cornerback position. LSU’s Jalen Collins is strong option for the 49ers. Collins is an, “Immensely talented cornerback who brings the entire triangle (height, weight, speed) with him.” according to NFL Draft.

    Collins is 6’1 ft tall and 203 pounds which give him great speed and strength. However, Collins has had multiple fail drug test and recent foot injury may affect his chances on being drafted.

    Another option for the cornerback spot is Michigan Trae Waynes which seems like a good pick. Waynes is one of the top cornerback prospects right now, but there is some question about his physical prowess, and whether he is a good fit for the 49ers. However, Waynes has the physical attribute that the 49ers need for the cornerback position and should strongly consider him.

    3. Wide receiver It was pretty obvious that the 49ers were not going re-sign Micheal Crabtree. Now, that Crabtree has signed with that Oakland Raiders, it gives the 49ers the chance to draft a new wide receiver. Yes, they have Anquan Boldin and also added Torrey Smith in free agency, but the 49ers still need to draft a wide receiver.

    And it appears, according to some reports, that Louisville’s DeVante Parker is perfect fit for San Francisco. Parker, “tracks the ball well on deep routes and has the size,” according to Nicholas McGee, a featured columnist at the Bleacher Report.

    So, who should the 49ers draft? Who will fit best into their schemes? Who represents the best value that San Francisco can nab when they’re on the clock? And which position should the 49ers draft first?

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