San Francisco Giants Mailbag: McGehee, Maxwell, Lincecum

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Apr 21, 2015; San Francisco, CA, USA; San Francisco Giants celebrate their 6-2 win over the Los Angeles Dodgers at AT&T Park. Mandatory Credit: Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco Giants currently have an 8-12 record, which is currently the worst in the National League West, but is steadily improving, as they went 4-1 last week. The Giants are still dealing with some injuries to key players, but they’re slowly getting healthier and starting to come together on the field.

In this week’s Giants Mailbag post, we will discuss Casey McGehee‘s slump, if Justin Maxwell can continue his current rate of production (on both offense and defense), and if Tim Lincecum‘s success so far is for real or not.

This is the 15th edition of the Giants Mailbag. In these weekly posts, I answer three Giants-related questions that are sent to me by fans over Twitter. This week’s Mailbag article is a little different than usual, since I received three great questions from one fan. I decided to answer all three of his questions this week, so I guess you could call this the “Bryce Villa” edition of the Giants Mailbag.

In last week’s Giants Mailbag article, I answered questions about Brandon Belt‘s struggles so far this season, if Maxwell deserves a bigger role on this team, and if the Giants can win with Chris Heston and without Matt Cain and Jake Peavy.

Thanks to Bryce for submitting three questions this week. Let’s get started.

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