Golden State Warriors Power Rankings: Number One Across the Board?


The Golden State Warriors broke more records this past week. They won their 37th home game on Saturday, which is the most in franchise history and broke the previous record of 36 set back in 1975-76. The Warriors’ 65-15 record makes them 50 games above .500, which is a season- and franchise-high. In addition, after winning 51 games last season, the Warriors are the first team in NBA history to improve on a 50-win season by 14 games in the following season.

The Warriors went 2-1 in their games last week, with wins coming against the Portland Trail Blazers and Minnesota Timberwolves at home and with their loss coming against the New Orleans Pelicans on the road.

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Last week, the Warriors were ranked in the top spot in the three of the major power rankings. The Warriors were ranked second in CBS Sports’ power rankings. Will their 2-1 record last week keep them in the number two spot on CBS Sports? Will they keep their top spot in the other three major power rankings? Let’s find out.

Marc Stein of ESPN once again focused on the Warriors in his introduction to the power rankings. Stein also ranked the Warriors as the top team in the NBA once again. First, here’s what he said in the introduction:

"Year 13 in charge of’s weekly NBA Power Rankings was a fun one for the committee (of one).We feel blessed.Almost as blessed as the Golden State Warriors.The 2014-15 campaign, even with the San Antonio Spurs on a 21-3 kick since Feb. 27 and the Atlanta Hawks enjoying the first 60-win showing in franchise history, belongs to the 65-win Dubs more than anyone else. Which is why they sit atop our 30-team ladder, ahead of the scorching Spurs, for the ninth straight week and 15th time in a span of 24 regular-season Mondays.Entering its final two games of this otherworldly regular season, Golden State is sporting a nightly average points-per-game differential of +10.2. That would rank eighth all-time … with six of the seven teams that posted a higher average margin having gone on to win the championship. The only team of those seven double-digit squads that failed to go all the way: Milwaukee in 1971-72 when the Bucks had to cope with the 69-13 Los Angeles Lakers in the Finals."

Here’s what Stein said about the Warriors’ ranking this week:

"Winning their final two games, both at home, would hike the Dubs to 39-2 at Oracle and 67 wins overall. Omen seekers should know only nine other teams have won 67 games … and seven of them produced the league’s MVP. The exceptions: 69-13 Bulls in ’96-97; 69-13 Lakers in ’71-72."

John Schuhmann of ranked the Warriors in the top spot last week and did the same this week. When discussing the Warriors and their top spot in the power rankings this week, Schuhmann discussed the Warriors’ recent statistics on the defensive end:

"Golden State (65-15)Pace: 100.6 (1) OffRtg: 109.4 (2) DefRtg: 98.0 (1) NetRtg: +11.4 (1)The Warriors have lost a little bit of their defensive edge down the stretch (they rank 14th on that end over the last two weeks), and probably aren’t catching the Clippers for the No. 1 spot in offensive efficiency. They’ll still finish as just the third team (with the 1995-96 Bulls and 2009-10 Magic) in the last 38 years to rank in the top two on both ends of the floor.This week: vs. MEM, vs. DEN"

Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports also continued to rank the Warriors as the number one team in his weekly power rankings. Here’s what Spears said about the Warriors this week:

"1. Golden State Warriors (Record: 65-15; last week: 1): Talk about home, sweet home: The Warriors will have been at home for two weeks before going on the road for the first time for the playoffs."

In addition to his normal weekly power rankings, Matt Moore of CBS Sports included his power rankings for the top 10 teams in the NBA for the 2014-15 regular season as a whole. In his overall power rankings, Moore ranked the Warriors first and said this about the team:

"1. Golden State Warriors: Best of the best of the best in every way."

In his weekly power rankings though, Moore ranked the Warriors in the second spot, like he did last week, behind the San Antonio Spurs. Here’s what Moore said about the Warriors in his weekly power rankings:

"Got back to Oracle and righted themselves, probably locked up Steph Curry as MVP while they were at it. They’ve been basically waiting three months for this moment. Now they can show everyone what their top gear really is."

The Warriors have just two games remaining on their regular season schedule. They first face the Memphis Grizzlies at home on Monday night, and their last game of the season is also at home against the Denver Nuggets.

Will the Warriors finish out the season on a win streak? Will they end the season as the overall number one team in the NBA power rankings? We’ll keep you updated.

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