Golden State Warriors Win 60th Game, Clinch Western Conference Title

A game against the Milwaukee Bucks might not have been as exciting on paper as some others, but for the Golden State Warriors, their win against the Bucks on Saturday night was historic.

With this win, the Warriors won their 60th game of the season, pushing their NBA-best record to 60-13, which is the most wins in franchise history. In addition to breaking the franchise record for most wins in a single season, the Warriors also clinched the Western Conference title with this win.

The Warriors have owned the best record in the NBA for most of the season. They also won their first Pacific Division title since the 1975-76 season. Despite those impressive accomplishments, earning their 60th win and clinching the best record in the Western Conference are slightly more significant feats.

60 wins is a mark of a truly elite team and one that is a favored title contender. Earning the best record in the highly-competitive Western Conference is quite possibly even more impressive, and the Warriors could also clinch the number one overall seed in the playoffs soon.

The Warriors are breaking records, raising expectations, and impressing fans, their opponents, and the rest of the NBA. Not only are they making history, but they’re winning the right way and with the right formula.

They’re defending, they’re limiting their mistakes, they’re moving the ball, they’re playing fluidly on offense, they’re sharing the ball, and they’re rebounding. Most importantly, they’re playing as a team. Yes, MVP candidate Stephen Curry is leading the way along with fellow Splash Brother, Klay Thompson, but this team receives contributions up and down the roster every single game, and they’re playing selfless, beautiful basketball right now.

The cherry on top of this magical season would, of course, be a championship. The Warriors entered this season with big goals that weren’t focused on any individual accomplishments or a certain number of wins. The Warriors have focused on getting better every day, and their main goal is set higher than winning 60 games or earning the best record in the Western Conference.

The Warriors want to win an NBA title, and they keep proving with each game that they’re more and more capable of that. Many questioned if the Warriors were legitimate title contenders before this season started. Some questioned if the Warriors were title contenders even as they kept improving and remained atop the standings. Now, there’s no question.

This Warriors team is not only a legitimate title contender, but they’re starting to become a favorite to win a title.

Now, Dub Nation, don’t get carried away. There’s still a lot of basketball to be played, as the Warriors start to close out the regular season, and then will, hopefully for fans, go on a long playoff run. Things can change in an instant in the NBA, but this is an exciting time to be a Warriors fan.

There’s still room on the bandwagon, so jump aboard, if you’re not already a Warriors fan. You might just be able to witness another team win a championship in the Bay Area.

Dub Nation is certainly the best fan base in the NBA, and the Warriors are the best team in the NBA. Dub Nation will always stand behind their team, and the Warriors are showing their fans that they have even more to look forward to during this historic season.

As Leandro Barbosa said, “We gonna be championship.”