The Oakland Raiders Win the Super Bowl


Yes, you heard me correctly! The Oakland Raiders just won the Super Bowl in 2014!

Well, at least it feels that way after the (now 2-11) Raiders upset their Bay Area rivals the (7-6) San Francisco 49ers Sunday, 24-13. It was a very shocking event to see the Raiders beat anyone after the 52-0 debacle against the St. Louis Rams last week, yet they pulled off the victory and made Raider Nation proud.

But did the victory come at a cost?

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With the win over the 49ers, the Raiders moved down the Draft list to the fifth selection in the 2015 NFL Draft. They might miss out on Leonard Williams or Amari Cooper now with this win, but does Raider Nation care about the Draft when it comes to the Niners? NO! As they shouldn’t.

Draft selection is not important after the Raiders just gave their fans bragging rights for a long time. This might be the last time the Raiders play at the Coliseum against the Niners, so the endless amount of trash talking should be very satisfying for the Nation.

Die-hard Raiders fans, I believe you would agree, that winning, especially against the Niners, is a lot more important than where the Raiders select in the Draft. Al Davis was the creator of ” Just win baby,” so anything less than winning shouldn’t make any Raiders fan proud.

The Raiders brought back life to the Nation with that win. If the Raiders win out the rest of the season, then great! If not, this one big rivalry victory will keep the Nation happy until next year, because 2-11 never felt so good. Obviously, every fan wants their team in the playoffs and to win the real Super Bowl, but once your team is officially eliminated from playoff contention, only certain victories feel great.

Now, was the Raiders victory more of a bad showing from the 49ers and bad quarterback play from Colin Kaepernick? Somewhat, but nonetheless a win is a win. On any given Sunday, a team can be defeated.

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Derek Carr (no confusion with David Carr, as CBS kept saying) outplayed Kaepernick, which most of ESPN analysts thought it was crazy to even mention the two quarterbacks in the same sentence. Carr beat Kaepernick in the most important stat of the night for either team, and that’s the “turnover” stat. Carr had zero turnovers, while Kaepernick had two interceptions.

Carr threw for 254 yards, three touchdowns, zero interceptions (254-3-0) and the victory, compared to Kaepernick’s 174 yards, one touchdown, and two interceptions (174-1-2).

So although you might not be able to put them in the same sentence due to Carr not playing in the playoffs, you can still get your pencils sharpened and get ready to write the sentence after the display Carr showed us during this game.

Khalil Mack put pressure on Kaepernick all night and was able to sack the Niners quarteback for the final play of the game. Mack and Carr are truly bright spots for the Raiders, and with great coaching and more talent surrounding them in the future, the Raiders just might have something brewing in Oakland (or Los Angeles).

So yeah, when I say the Oakland Raiders won the Super Bowl, I mean it. They won the most important game of their schedule after being eliminated from the playoffs. There’s nobody that can tell me differently.

Feel proud, Raider Nation. Stick your chest out a little when you see your friends, because after the start of this horrible season, victories won’t be much sweeter.