Which Players Are Most Affected by Klay Thompson’s Contract Extension?

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 Andre Iguodala

Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Andre Iguodala is in a similar situation with Lee as an aging veteran on an expensive contract.

While it would be surprising to see Iguodala sent off after just one season with the Warriors, Thompson’s new contract could possibly put Iguodala on the trading block.

Possible, but unlikely.

It was no secret that the Warriors had one of the top defenses in the NBA, and a huge part of that was Iguodala’s presence.

Not many teams can boast having three wing defenders capable of guarding multiple positions, and the Warriors have just that.

Although Iguodala doesn’t make as big of an impact on the other side of the ball, his uncanny ability to facilitate the basketball and find open teammates fits perfectly in Steve Kerr‘s brilliant new offense that stresses ball movement.

Iguodala isn’t getting any younger, and he’s on a sizable contract that the Warriors could certainly do without, but what Iguodala still brings to the table makes his contract justifiable.