Poll: Will the San Francisco Giants Win the World Series?


It all comes down to this. Game Seven of the World Series. The San Francisco Giants hope to bounce back today from their tough 10-0 loss last night to the Kansas City Royals in Game Six.

The Giants are considered underdogs in Game Seven. Coming off of a big loss and having to play Game Seven on the road certainly will make this final game a tough test for the Giants.

However, this Giants team is experienced, battle-tested, and still confident. They’ve proven they can win at Kauffman Stadium, and they’ve also proven that they can defy the odds.

Tim Hudson will start for the Giants, and Jeremy Guthrie will start for the Royals. These were also the starting pitchers for Game Three of the World Series.

In that game, Hudson pitched 5.2 innings and gave up four hits and three earned runs. Over his career, Hudson is 3-2 with a 3.69 ERA when facing the Royals in Kansas City.

In Game Two, Guthrie had a similar stat line to Hudson’s, as he pitched five innings and gave up four hits and two earned runs. He recorded the win in this game.

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Both the Giants and the Royals will have key pieces in their bullpen ready and available for Game Seven, which gives them options if the starting pitchers struggle. The Giants might have a wider range of options though, as they will have Madison Bumgarner available for at least two or three innings or so, and they will have Yusmeiro Petit, Tim Lincecum, Jeremy Affeldt, Javier Lopez, Sergio Romo, and Santiago Casilla all available.

The Royals don’t exactly have a long reliever available like Petit or Lincecum. They have Danny Duffy, if needed, but their best relief pitchers usually come into the game in the late innings.

Game Seven will most likely be a tight race between these two teams, as both teams have shown incredible fight and resilience throughout the World Series. Which team will prevail as World Series Champions though? Will the Giants finally secure their third World Series title in five years?

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