The Wild History of Game 6

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The Wild History of Game 6

2.) Joe Carter Cements Legendary Status in Canadian Sports History

Big Joe Carter stepped to the plate in Game 6 of the ’93 World Series and hammered a pitch by Mitch “Wild Thing” Williams of the Philadelphia Phillies over the wall in left field for a game-winning home run, instantly becoming one of Canada’s biggest celebrities.

“Touch ’em all, Joe, you’ll never hit a bigger home run in your life.”

Chilling stuff, and one of the primary reasons the Blue Jays franchise has remained in Toronto amid years of doubt from skeptics of professional baseball in Canada.

Big Joe’s walk-off home run culminated a difficult repeat effort by a Blue Jays team that is often overlooked in the wide spectrum of playoff success. Repeating is never easy, but Big Joe made it look easy.