Warriors Unveil Sleeved, Slate-Colored Alternate Jerseys


Early Sunday evening at Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters, the Golden State Warriors officially unveiled the team’s new sleeved, slate-colored alternate jerseys for the 2014-15 season. Made by current league outfitter, adidas, this is the first slate-colored jersey to ever grace the NBA hardwood.

Always innovative, the Warriors advantageously used their proximity to Silicon Valley and San Francisco to gather a group of people they referred to as “a variety of social media influencers”. The group of ten influencers consisted of social media platform executives and some renowned Warriors fans that were all called in to help promote the Sept. 28 unveiling of the team’s new alternate jerseys.

These influencers were not given the specific details of the announcement, attending a preliminary meeting before the official reveal. At the unveiling, the ten chosen ones took to social media to reveal their findings to the world.

Notable among the group was NBA fashion guru Lance Darrell (a.k.a., “Lance Fresh“),  Shots application C.E.O. and co-founder John Shahidi, disc jockey Ray Almeda (a.k.a., “Rayza House“) and Golden Gate Sports editor Maggie Pilloton.

Harrison Barnes, who is sponsored by adidas, modeled the new “shirseys” at the official unveiling at Twitter’s H.Q. in front of the ten influencers.

Photo credit: warriors.com

Starting just a few days before the official announcement, the hashtag “#DubsConfidential” intrigued Warriors fans across the globe, sparking their curiosity as to what was in the box.

Many speculated that the big announcement had something to do with an offseason rumor about the team possibly looking to add an alternate sleeveless black jersey. To their surprise, not only did the alternate jersey end up coming with sleeves, but the color happened to be slate (a form of gray) rather than black.

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A bit of a risky move leaving the official unveil up to social media rather than a traditional press conference considering the small squad of social savants could have possibly taken negatively to the alternate jerseys, however unlikely.

Fortunately, the social media specialists that were strategically slated to show up to the secret spot and sit in on the sanctioned showcase spilled the specifics of the sleeved shirseys in satisfyingly swell statuses online.

Following its Nov. 15 debut against the Charlotte Hornets at Oracle Arena, the jerseys will be sported every regular season game held on a Saturday (other than Opening Night). “Slate Saturdays” anyone?