Predicting the Sharks’ Defensive Pairings and Stats

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Missed By a Bit More Than “Just Missed”

Sep 23, 2014; Stockton, CA, USA; San Jose Sharks goalie Troy Grosenick (34) stops a shot on goal in the second period of their NHL Preseason game with the Vancouver Canucks at the Stockton Arena. Mandatory Credit: Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

#34 Troy Grosenick

#36 J.P. Anderson

I think that if Niemi or Stalock went down with more than a day-to-day injury, the Sharks would have to acquire another goalie, because neither Grosenick nor Anderson are NHL ready. Grosenick seemed to do fine against Vancouver in the first preseason game in Stockton, but that was not against a full NHL roster. No offense to these two goaltenders, but they are just not ready for the NHL quite yet.