Should the Oakland Raiders Make a Coaching Change?


The Oakland Raiders played one hell of a game Sunday against the Houston Texans…wait what? They did what? 30 to 14 you say? *clears throat*

The Raiders were horrible. Fire everybody: the GM, coaches, players, trainers, and water boys! That’s what most of Raider Nation is screaming after that debacle of a game the Raiders put forth on Sunday. I’m part of that screaming mob holding my own sticks of fire and signs that say “your fired” (you’re fired, I know).

Dennis Allen has had that same smug look on his face after each loss, and I, for one, am tired of it. He seems to have no passion after a loss. It’s as if he accepts failure. Yet, he’s still the head coach of the Raiders after going 4-12 his last two years as head coach and starting off the 2014 season going 0-2 against beatable teams in his third season as coach.

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There’s no reason Allen should be coaching going into the New England Patriots game this Sunday. This team needs things to be shaken up and fast. Firing Allen would be the thing to jump-start a new direction for the Raiders.

Every Raiders fan across the globe has heard his same sorry excuses. The “we didn’t execute” and “we have to play better” spiel is getting old with the fans, so I can only assume the locker room is just as bland and monotone as his press conferences.

Mark Davis and GM Reggie McKenzie need to call Allen up to the office and tell him that he is no longer the Raiders’ head coach.

The Raiders have a guy ready to take over as interim head coach in Tony Sparano, who is the Raiders offensive line coach and assistant head coach, and was once head coach of the Miami Dolphins. Sparano can come in and hold the fort for the rest of the year until Davis can clean house.

Sparano is a tough-nosed coach who can get this team playing with some discipline, which the Raiders desperately need. Sparano has the offensive line playing better than expected and one can only assume that he can at least show some passion in the locker room to fire these players up when the time calls for it.

Davis, for the sake of Raider Nation, it’s time to make a change. Raiders fans travel from so many different places only to end up with a pathetic and sometimes comical performance, and all they end up with is a coach telling them “we have to play better”.

For the Nation, for our drinking habits, for America, Davis needs to fire Allen.