San Francisco 49ers: How Do The 49ers Beat The Cowboys?


Well, the season is finally upon us. After a long spring and summer, we finally get to sit down and feel the anxiety of watching a game be played. This Sunday, most of us will be watching the 49ers travel to Dallas to take on the Cowboys. Even though the rivalry between these teams has cooled in recent years, there are still plenty of emotional wounds just waiting to be reopened.

The Cowboys have missed the playoffs the last three years, while the 49ers have made it to at least the NFC Championship every time during those years. This doesn’t mean this is going to be an easy game for the 49ers. Remember that in 2011 when the 49ers went 13-3, one of those losses was at home against the Cowboys. These two teams fight every time they meet.

Both teams have suffered losses on the defensive side of the ball. Both teams have star linebackers injured and players suspended. Despite this, the 49ers still have quite an advantage on defense over the Cowboys. Last year, the Cowboys defense was historically bad. This year, with all the injuries and suspensions, it looks as if they’re on the same pace as last year.

However, no one believes that the Cowboys will ever win on the back of their defense. It’s Tony Romo and company that are expected to drag the Cowboys to at least a wildcard berth.

The Cowboys’ offense is extremely potent. For all the criticism that he receives, Romo is a great quarterback that keeps that team afloat year after year. Romo has plenty of weapons in Dez Bryant, DeMarco Murray, and Jason Witten.

It might sound obvious, but the trick to beating the Cowboys is to simply outscore them. We saw this last year when the Cowboys faced the Denver Broncos.

The 49ers’ offense isn’t likely to score 51 points, but the defense also isn’t likely to give up 48 points. This game will played on a much smaller scale. The Cowboys’ defense is essentially in shambles. The 49ers must take advantage of that. The 49ers have plenty of weapons to exploit the Cowboys’ hurting defense, and exploit it they must.

The Cowboys are most likely going to get their points, as they don’t have trouble scoring very often. That is why the 49ers’ offense must shake off all of its rust and attack Dallas’ lackluster defense.

Even with the injuries and suspensions, there if more faith in the defense to make a stop then there is in the offense to score. So the 49ers don’t want to be playing from behind. The offense needs to put up points early, and let the defense do what it does.