Derek Carr: Video Analysis of Seahawks Game

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Anticipation, Confidence, Accuracy

The next example we’ll look at is another 3rd down situation. At 5:53, Carr once again showed great pocket presence and patience for his receiver’s route and threw a laser to Rivera for the first down. He had “happy feet” so you would like to see him more collected, but his arm strength is impressive enough to where it didn’t affect him on this throw. Not to nag or nitpick, it’s just important for a rookie quarterback to create good habits.

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  • We already talked about my favorite play of the night, but the final example we’ll cover was Carr’s best throw of the evening. At the 6:50 mark, Carr throws a perfect back-shoulder ball to Moore for the touchdown. Carr threw this pass with perfect anticipation, confidence, and accuracy: the trifecta.

    If you pause the video at the 6:56 mark, you can see that Moore is right at the 5-yard line when Carr releases the football. Anticipation. Moore doesn’t even have his head turned around yet. Confidence. Pause at 6:57 and check out the perfect ball placement, leaving enough room for Moore to get two feet in bounds. The CB had no chance. Accuracy. I shed another tear of joy on this one.

    So all in all, Carr was outstanding. He has elite-level arm strength, and if he can continue to improve his footwork and refine his mechanics, he has the physical tools and ability to be a big-time player in this league.

    I’ve read that Carr had the entire playbook memorized in early July, which doesn’t surprise me. During the Draft process, it was noted that Carr has been breaking down NFL game tape since he was 12 years old, thanks to his big brother being in the league.

    To end the review, I’ll leave you with my favorite Carr stat from this game: