Derek Carr: Video Analysis of Seahawks Game

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Plays on 3rd Down

Carr responded beautifully on the very next play (1:00 mark). 3rd-and-10 and in Raiders territory, Carr showed ideal patience and pocket presence. He set his feet and transferred his weight forward on the throw, displayed great anticipation throwing a ball outside the hashes, timed it just as the receiver was approaching the sideline, and put the ball high and away, where only his receiver could catch it. Watch that clip a couple times, and you’ll appreciate it more.

This a throw that every NFL QB needs in his arsenal to be successful, and Carr completed it on 3rd down, making it that much more impressive.

Fast-forwarding to another third-down situation (2:20), Carr showed off great mechanics similar to the last example, but his ball placement is up for debate. I’d love to say that Carr intentionally threw the ball to the outside, but if you pause the video at 2:24, you’ll see that Moore has the inside edge on Sherman, and a throw in stride could have led to a bigger play. No matter… First down, Raiders.

Next, we’ll look at a couple plays and discuss his ball placement.