Derek Carr: Video Analysis of Seahawks Game

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First couple plays

Carr started out the game with a dump off in the flats to Jamize Olawale, which picked up the first down. This was definitely just offensive coordinator Greg Olson trying to get Carr comfortable and into a rhythm.

The next play, however, could have been disastrous. At the 0:30 second mark of the video above, Seattle LB Bobby Wagner shot through the gap untouched, forcing Carr to make a quick decision. The plus side is that Carr did recognize the blitz early and got rid of the ball in plenty of time, which saved him from being clobbered.

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The downside to this play is that Carr threw the ball completely off his back foot, and he threw a contested jump ball against arguably the best CB in the league, Richard Sherman. Denarius Moore nearly made a tremendous grab, and the ball landed safely out of bounds. Disaster averted.

It’s understandable that Carr showed some panic when the pressure came, as he is only a rookie, but this is something to pay attention to as Carr develops. Seeing how Carr handles pressure the next time a play like this occurs will be key in projecting his development.

If you watch some of the top QB’s in the game, Drew Brees most notably in this situation, they have a one-step move to the left or to the right mastered. Brees will stay poised and wait until the last possible second to dip to avoid the rush, reset his feet, and deliver a strike.

Now, we’ll take a look at a couple of his plays on 3rd down.