Golden State Warriors: Starting Lineup Stats Analysis

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Andrew Bogut

Mandatory Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Similar to Iguodala, most of what big man Andrew Bogut does isn’t measured by stats. Bogut is an impressive force in the middle and one of the smartest big men in the game. Bogut almost always makes the right decision on the defensive side of the ball, whether it’s rotating off the pick-and-roll or staying home and protecting the rim.

Bogut was limited to 26 minutes per game last season, but based on his averages per 36 minutes played, Bogut shined. He hauled in an outstanding 3.7 offensive rebounds per game and brought down another 10.0 on the defensive side, which would have made him the league leader in rebounds last season. His 36 minute average of blocks was 2.5, which would have placed him at the third in the league.

Fans shouldn’t be worried at all about these statistics as Bogut has proven he can be relied on here, but his minutes are what is important. If Bogut can stay healthy enough to log a little bit above 30 minutes per game, the Warriors will be much better off.

All of these numbers and averages are great to look at and fun to talk about, but the number Dub Nation should be most eager to see is the one in the W column. But I’ll leave that one for another article.

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