San Francisco 49ers: Bold Predictions for Regular Season

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Kaepernick Will Get Plenty of MVP Votes

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Kaepernick and the entire first-string offense have struggled this preseason. There’s no denying that. However, it’s nothing to worry about.

Obviously, everyone would rather have success in the preseason.

The San Francisco 49ers will be playing two of their preseason opponents — the Denver Broncos and San Diego Chargers — in the regular season. They smartly kept their regular season-playbook a secret and called plays that would instead evaluate players’ ability in certain areas.

Much like any other team, the 49ers will be having much more success offensively in the regular season.

Besides the fact that their playbook was limited, both Crabtree, Lloyd, and Johnson have missed some time. On top of that, the 49ers’ offensive line has been shaky.

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  • Both Looney and Martin have gotten plenty of playing time with Boone holding out and Anthony Davis making his way back onto the field after an injury.

    As a result, Kaepernick and all quarterbacks have been under constant pressure, making it difficult to progress through reads and find the open receiver.

    Kaepernick has always had the talent; his incredible arm strength and his speed make him difficult to defend. Many think of him strictly as a running quarterback, but don’t give his arm enough credit.

    Yes, he has struggled at times with accuracy. However, it’s important to note who his supporting cast was.

    Last season, the only consistent wide receiver was Boldin. After him, no one stepped up. It doesn’t matter how much talent you have. if Jonathan Baldwin and Kyle Williams are the next receivers up, success will be limited.

    Now with many weapons at his disposal, many will finally realize just how talented Kaepernick is. As a result, he’ll get many MVP votes. He won’t win, but he’ll catch many by surprise and will join the elite group of quarterbacks.