Aldon Smith: How Long Will He Be Suspended?


Aldon Smith will be suspended. That much is clear. But the length of his suspension is still up in the air. He met with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell more than two weeks ago but still no decision has been made official.

Does Goodell’s indecision mean anything for Smith? Could he possibly be questioning a decision he made with Smith when they met?


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  • One thing is for certain though, the commissioner and the entire NFL took a lot of heat for suspending Ravens’ running back Ray Rice two games for knocking out his fiancée on camera.

    Goodell has defended his decision, stating that Rice’s punishment is in line with other similar altercations.

    Factoring into Goodell’s decision is Smith’s multiple DUI and felony weapon charges, and his questionable bomb threat at LAX. Goodell also has to factor in Smith’s willingness to attend rehab during last year’s regular season. Could Smith’s suspension this year be decreased because of the actions he took previously?

    All sings point towards his suspension being longer than two games, however.  It has been reported that Aldon Smith will likely be suspended a maximum of eight games.

    If that is true, what type of message is football sending by suspending a player who beat his soon-to-be wife fewer games than a player with DUIs?

    Goodell has put himself in between a rock and a hard place. If he suspends Smith for more than two games — and especially the rumored eight games — the NFL will be on the receiving end of even more criticism.

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    However, if Goodell limits Smith’s suspension to two or fewer games, he may face flak from inside the NFL for not keeping Smith’s suspension within the boundaries other similar cases created.

    Whatever the amount is, the long waiting period between Goodell’s meeting with Smith and his ultimate decision only bodes well for the 49ers and Aldon Smith.

    With NaVorro Bowman missing at least the first half of the season, the 49ers could use some reinforcements on the defensive side of the ball. The replacements haven’t been very effective as San Francisco has been outscored by 54 points through their first two preseason games.

    Expect the suspension to be much lower that the predicted eight games, but it won’t be completely eliminated. He will be suspended two or three games.