Dubs by the Digits: Andre Iguodala


Recently, we started a series of articles called “Dubs by the Digits.” These articles give fans a quick statistical breakdown on members of the Golden State Warriors. The first article of this series was about Warriors backup point guard, Shaun Livingston, the second article of this series was about Warriors shooting guard/small forward, Brandon Rush, and the third article in this series was about Warriors small forward/power forward, Draymond Green.

Now, we’re going to take a look at Andre Iguodala.

In his first season with the Warriors, Iguodala proved to be a key part to this Warriors team, both offensively and defensively.

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Offensively, he provides the Warriors with some athleticism, he is excellent in fast breaks, and given his ability to run an offense, he allows Stephen Curry to play off the ball at times. He also pairs well alongside Curry and Klay Thompson, given his ability to drive to the basket, but also his ability to stretch the floor and shoot from three-point range.

Iguodala also helps elevate the Warriors to an elite level on defense. The Warriors, as a team, tied for third in the NBA in opponent field goal percentage at 43.6. Iguodala was a large part of the Warriors’ defensive success as a team because of his ability to read passing lanes, get steals, and defend three positions (point guard, shooting guard, and small forward).

Similarly to Green, Iguodala’s true value to this Warriors team can’t be judged by basic statistics. He provides a lot of intangibles to the Warriors, he brings more veteran leadership to the roster, and he adds to the Warriors’ team chemistry. He’s brought this team even closer together than they were before, and he’s added another veteran voice to the locker room.

He’s also a key cog to the Warriors’ defense. His defensive prowess can’t necessarily be measured properly by statistics. What does represent his prowess though was that he was named to the NBA All-Defensive First Team for the 2013-14 season.

Given this information, let’s take a look at Iguodala’s stats from last season, from this past postseason, and his stats at Oracle Arena versus on the road.

PTSREBASTSTLFG %3PT %TS%Off./Def. RtgGames(starts)MIN
2013-20149. (63)32.4
Postseason13. (7)35.4
Home8. (33)32.5
Road10. (30)32.3

 -TS%, true shooting percentage, measures player’s shooting efficiency, takes into account field goals, three-point field goals, and free throws.
-Offensive rating: points produced per 100 possessions
-Defensive rating: points allowed per 100 possessions

At first glance, Iguodala’s stats might not look overly impressive. As mentioned before, his value to the Warriors can’t be seen in basic statistics. However, there are examples of his value and style of play in these statistics.

His true shooting percentages and his defensive ratings are solid, which suggests that he has smart shot selection, he’s efficient with his shooting, and he’s a solid perimeter defender.

Some of the differences in his statistics at home versus on the road are interesting too. At home last season, his scoring goes down, as seen in his points and true shooting percentage, but his defense improves, as seen in his steals and defensive rating.

On the road last season, his scoring goes up, and his defense isn’t quite as stellar but is still impressive.

Many fans were disappointed with Iguodala’s production in his first year with the Warriors, however  with further examination of his stats, it shows that Iguodala contributes significantly to the Warriors’ success in many different ways. He’ll continue to be a key part of this Warriors team next season.