Klay Thompson Receiving Undeserved Scrutiny

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Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Klay Thompson and the Golden State Warriors have come under a great deal of scrutiny following the team’s decision to not trade away their starting shooting guard for superstar Kevin Love.

All because they chose team continuity over one superstar.

To the narrow-minded sports fanatics who, according to one Warriors’ fan, tend to “separate players into stardom tiers” and evaluate teams through what can be called a “winning fantasy league strategy”, Thompson should have been traded for Love the moment ESPN reported that Love was interested in signing long term with Golden State.

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The fact that David Lee was being included in the deal apparently didn’t matter at all, nor did the inclusion of Harrison Barnes. The reports of Minnesota insisting on Golden State possibly including a first round pick in the deal had no difference on public opinion, and some tend to avoid mentioning the Wolves’ aggressive push to get rid of Kevin Martin‘s contract.

People saw Stephen Curry‘s hope to keep Klay Thompson as a case of overvaluing one’s friend, and the same can be said about Andre Iguodala during his interview regarding the Love trade.

However, when analyzing the situation further in an attempt to locate the source of this not-so-golden state of mind, it becomes so much more clear that the Warriors’ decision against a possible Love trade effectively made Klay Thompson into a scapegoat.