Kevin Love Requests Trade to Cleveland Cavaliers: How Does This Affect the Golden State Warriors?

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Cleveland Cavaliers

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Cavs owner Dan Gilbert is undoubtedly jumping for joy upon hearing the latest news, and it isn’t just because he’s getting a three-time All-Star gift wrapped on a silver platter.

First off: what King James wants, King James gets. Enough said.

Second, new Cavs head coach David Blatt is probably ecstatic he’ll be able to coach three All-Stars that will fit perfectly into his system. Love’s ability to space the floor is helpful in any system, but it’s his high basketball IQ and passing ability that truly makes him a threat in Blatt’s offense. Defense is another story, but all things in time.

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Aside from appeasing James, the underlying benefit from Love making his request so soon is it increases the chances of Wiggins staying in Cleveland. Although it’s noteworthy to mention Amico reported last Thursday that Cleveland has NOT made Wiggins available in trade talks, ESPN’s Chris Broussard initially reported that the Cavaliers were willing to trade Wiggins as of July 18.

Assuming that the Broussard report is true, the Cavs can take a sigh of relief because Love’s request could very well tip the scale entirely in Cleveland’s favor: with the Wolves having little to no leverage, Cleveland is less inclined to include Wiggins in a deal. Marcus Thompson of Bay Area News Group wrote an article explaining that it was truly up to Love when it came to choosing where he wanted to go because he alone had the ability to end the bidding war and narrow the competition. Now that he’s done so, the Wolves dare not demand too much lest risk losing Love for nothing.

In the case that Amico’s report is true, well then Cleveland gets Love and everything goes according to plan! But seeing as they are unable to deal Wiggins until the 30-day period after his signing is complete, the Cavs should be wary as much could happen over the course of a month. Minnesota could hold on to the crazy notion they could win Love back and hold out for Wiggins. Though that wouldn’t be the most intelligent decision, the Wolves have a history for doing some questionable things.