Ranking Best Managers and Coaches In Sports History


This is a guest post written by Alyisa Jules

We often call the sportsmen performing over the field as sports warriors but generally fail to recognize the people who work hard to make these men perform. These people remain back at the scene and leave no stone unturned to train and groom the players who perform so incredible over the grounds. These behind the scene men are people who are better known as the coach and managers who train and groom different sportsmen performing over the field. So, it would be great to explore a list of certain great sports warriors in different sports as under:

Eddie Futch – Boxing

He was known to be one of the greatest boxing trainers to train his boxing champion to beat five top men in this sports including Ali – Joe Frazier, Ken Norton, Larry Holmes and Trevor Berbick. He had trained boxers like Freddie Roach before passing away in the year 2010. Roach calls his trainer as one of the best coach in the world. He has trained a number of stars including Amir Khan and Manny Pacuiao.

Bill Shankly – Football

This ace football manager from Liverpool was the one man responsible in escalating the bottom team at the highest level. Thus making his team perform and win three league titles, UEFA cup and FA cups twice. He was responsible in bringing out some of the best players for his Liverpool football club giving loads of applauds for the team and of course its coach.

Vince Lombardi – American Football

One of the greatest coaches ever found in NFL is Vince Lombardi. You can judge his greatness to the fact that the Super Bowl Trophy is being named after this man. This man turned out to be the first man who had the guts to make New York Giant team to perform against the titans in this area, which simply revolutionized the skills and techniques found in this sport. At Green Bay, he simply turned out a big legend, wherein he got the opportunity to coach Packers to get three championships in a row and thus five in total seven years way back in the sixties allowing them to win the first two Super Bowls over the bargain.

Phil Jackson – Basketball

This man being the coach of Chicago Bulls has helped his team to win six NBA titles in between 1989 to 1998, such was his credentials. Once he accomplished this goal, he simply announced his retirement with declaring not to come back in this game again, however, was requested to take the charge of LA Lakers simply a year later. This later again gave the same results giving more such titles in the row with his presence behind the scene.

Nick Bollettieri – Tennis

Most of the tennis stars often faced the problem of having right coaches for them as they were being managed by their family members. For instance Rafael Nadal has his uncle Toni coaching him, while the

William sisters had their father called Richard. However, as the trend of having proper coach embarked you have one name that rocks the tennis world, which is nothing but that of Nick Bollettieri. Some of the star players whom he has coached include Andre Agassi, Jim Courier, Monica Seles, Mary Pierce, etc. thus acted as the math games changer in the field for his players.

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